BREAKING NEWS: Young, Rich New Yorkers Have Bad Taste

prewar building glass condo new york

The age-old aspiration of finding a good pre-war apartment may become less common in coming years now that New York home buyers (and the city in general) are becoming more tacky. Take, for example, the horrifying teal glass structure at Astor Place designed by “starchitect” Charles Gwathmey. Yes, we just said “starchitect,” which refers to the new group of architects whose designs fetch as much cred among the rich and famous as designer clothing.

In a New York Times article, Michael Shvo, a real estate marketer, describes the phenomenon, “People drawn to the glass buildings are a little bit more on the showy side. They’re not as discreet, and these are not discreet buildings.”

Mr. Shvo wins the Queerty Understatement Award for today. “Showy” doesn’t begin to describe the eyesore at Astor Place, and discreet New Yorkers are becoming an endangered species.

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