British ‘Gladiator’ A Bit Bent…

American Gladiators and its various international spin-offs sure are gay, huh?

Who could forget when Yankee gladiator Militia was revealed to be a gay porn star? Then there was Australian contestant Sam Brodie’s porny past. Well, the Brits are getting their own same-sex scandal, as Gladiator David “Tornado” McIntosh gets his moment in the lavender spotlight.

No, he’s not a porn star, but he has posed for gay rag Boyz – and, in a special twist, he’s a marine!

David, who has served in the Gulf, Afghanistan and Northern Ireland, has been given time off by military bosses to take part in the 15-week show.

And he warned opponents: “I’m loving it. I can’t wait to get out there and give the contenders a serious whooping.”

We have no doubt…