British Teens Suspected Of Brutal Killing Point to Their Blood Alcohol Levels

Three British teens — Joel Alexander, Ruby Thomas, and Rachel Burke — are currently facing manslaughter charges for the 2009 slaying of 62-year-old gay man Ian Baynham. The accused teens admitted to calling Baynham “a fucking faggot”, punching him down, and then kicking and stomping his chest while he lay on the ground. Baynham died of a brain injury sustained during the attack, yet all three teens have plead “not guilty” while the prosecutor says that alcohol played a factor. Perhaps the barrister should call Captain Morgan and Johnny Walker to the stand.

According to Alexander, he and his scally crew were out in London celebrating his girlfriend’s birthday. He says Ms. Thomas had been “lairy [and] mouthy.” Alexander says Thomas also tried to pick a fight with another group of young folks earlier in the evening. When she saw Baynham and his partner Philip Brown walking past, she shouted, “Fucking faggots!” as all proper young women do.

Alexander says Thomas hit Baynham twice with her handbag and that Bayham took the bag from her and hit her back. “What I was perceiving was a grown man hitting a girl,” Alexander says. “She was more subdued; she wasn’t as lairy any more. It looked to me as if the man was starting to get the better of her.” So in response Alexander came over, punched Baynham in the face knocking him to the ground, and said “You can’t hit girls” before Ms. Thomas proceeded to kick and stomp the man’s chest as he lay on the ground. So for those of you paying attention, hitting drunken teen slags is not OK. Killing 62-year-old gay men totally is.

(Ms. Thomas is no choir girl. She plead guilty two years ago to spitting on a Middle-Eastern bus driver in the same London vicinity. She then punched the driver in the back of the head and kicked him when he asked her to stop.)

The prosecutor in this case is saying that the Clockwork Orange-style attack was “fueled by copious amounts of alcohol.” At least it’s not a gay panic defense?