The Plot Thickens

Bryan Singer Accuser Maintained Email Correspondence With A Previous Alleged Abuser

Recently uncovered emails reveal that Michael Egan, the man who brought sexual assault charges against X-Men director Bryan Singer, maintained a relationship with previous accused abuser Chad Shackley for an extended period of time after the alleged assaults occurred.

In a series of exclusive emails obtained by Buzzfeed, Egan is found to have had multiple correspondences with digital media entrepreneur Shackley from April of 1999 through April of 2000 starting at age 16. In the emails, Egan repeatedly asks Shackley when he can see him next, offers to bring around “a good looking friend” on an unspecified trip, asks for a loan, and even offers to move to Spain with him.


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Buzzfeed also obtained screenshots from an IM session between Egan and another alleged victim, Alexander Burton, in which Egan discusses bringing charges against Shackley because he had “nothing to lose.”


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In June of 2000, Egan, Burton, and another plaintiff filed sexual assault charges against Shackley and two other defendants in which they detailed repeated rapes during the 1999-2000 period. They ultimately won a $4.5 million judgement by default after the defendants left the United States.

In comments made to Buzzfeed, Egan’s attorney Jeff Herman says that his client’s repeated moves to maintain the relationship are a symptom of the abuses he endured:

“The emails are consistent with compliant victims, especially those who have been abused through a period of time, who have been groomed and drugged and threatened. It’s hard for people to understand why victims keep coming back or seem willing to participate, but this is an example of the complexity of sexual assault.”

It is unclear what effect this revelation will have on the current case, which Bryan Singer moved to have dismissed as of last week. As of now there have been no comments from Singer or his attorney.