Strength In Numbers

Bryan Singer Accuser’s Lawyer Claims “Dozens” Of Hollywood Sexual Assault Victims Will Come Forward


Lawyer Jeff Herman, who is representing Michael Egan in his sexual assault charges against out director Bryan Singer, claims that there are “dozens and dozens” of similar victims of Hollywood power players that will be coming forward soon.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Herman alleges that there are many more cases to come, and that the perpetrators come from a broad swath of the entertainment industry, including talent agents that represent child actors:

“I know of [a] Hollywood sex ring, completely unrelated to these [Singer and the other three defendants’] cases. We are finishing investigations, and will be filing suits soon. It will involve big names. It involves a different part of Hollywood: agents of kids, that sort of thing. There’s really vile stuff going on in the industry. The scope is big, I’m hearing from a lot of people. It fits the pattern of children being sexually exploited.”

Though Singer’s attorney has threatened to sue Herman for malicious prosecution and alleged offender Garth Ancier has dismissed the charges as “shamelessly exploiting homophobic fears and stereotypes,” Herman is no legal rookie when it comes to prosecuting cases involving sex offenders.

As the Beast reports, he won a $100 million verdict against a Catholic priest accused of multiple counts of child molestation, and he hopes for the Singer case to be a turning point for Hollywood.

“The case has opened up something waiting to happen for a long time,” he says. “I think there have been both victims and adults in the industry waiting for someone to come forward and expose this. It opens up the floodgates so people feel safe to come forward.”