“B*tch, I’m A Condom” Madonna Parody Wants You To Practice Safe Sex

OK, we have a confession. We’ve seen just about every Madonna parody out there. All 250,000 of them. But this latest one takes the cake.

Impulse Los Angeles, a group dedicated to promoting safe sex among gay men, just released their own version of our icon’s latest single “Bitch, I’m Madonna” and they’ve pulled out all the stops.

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The colorful video is called “Bitch, I’m A Condom.” It is appropriately set in a West Hollywood gym and features cameo appearances by RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Pandora Boxx and Manila Luzon, as well as a hot, half-naked man dressed as a rubber.

“Impulse United is proud to produce their first ever Safer Sex Parody!” the group said in a statement. “There is nothing funny about the risks of HIV, but together we can educate & protect ourselves from STIs.”

Check out the video below. And have a happy hump day!