Budapest’s Police Chief Bans Pride

Budapest’s police chief just loves to rain on a lavender parade.

Dr. Gábor Tóth declared last night that he and his team won’t allow the city’s gay pride. Why? Because it will interfere with traffic – or something like that. And the homos ain’t having it and activist groups released a joint statement decrying the “good” doctor’s edict:

“The march is planned to proceed in one of the central streets of Budapest, Andrássy, the site of several earlier LGBT marches and other demonstrations,” the joint statement said.

“In our opinion and experience dating back several years, the march that takes up half of the broad road does not hinder the light Saturday afternoon traffic to an extent that would warrant its banning. Thus the reason given by the police seems only a pretext to make the march impossible, similar to Poland or Russia.

In other words, Tóth’s decision amounts to homophobic bullshit.

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