But The British B&B Owners (Who Denied a Room to a Gay Couple) Have Gay Friends!

This week we met Michael Black and John Morgan, the gay British couple denied a room at the Swiss Bed and Breakfast in Cookham after the owners spotted The Homosexuals pulling up together. But Mike and Susanne Wilkinson, the lovely Christian couple who owns the picturesque venue, are the real victims here: people are threatening them with violence!

The Wilksinons say it’s their religious beliefs that prohibit them from accommodating a couple of gays with a desire for kitschy wallpaper patterns and shared cheese spreads at the breakfast nook. But it’s not like they just wanted to throw them out: “I would have offered them two single rooms but we were fully booked as it was a Friday night,” says Susanne. “I have nothing against gay people and we have some friends who are gay. If they want to do that then it is up to them but I object to it under my roof.”

They can object to it in court; Black and Morgan plan on suing.