CA Ranger Bravely Tazes Harmless Trans Woman In The Crotch

This weekend, 43-year-old Brooke Fantelli went with a group of friends to take desert pictures in El Centro, California. While they were there, Fantelli got approached by a ranger with the Bureau of Land Management who accused her of drinking and taking naked photos out in the wild. According to Fantelli, things were going okay until the ranger asked to see her ID (which still listed her as a male). That’s when the crotch tazing started.

Fantelli says that she has an incorrectly gendered ID because her doctor told her she “needed to live two full years as a female before she could change” it. When the ranger saw “male” on her ID, he said “You used to be a guy.” When Fantelli answered in the affirmative, he stopped referring to her as “ma’am” and “miss” and started calling her “sir” and “dude.”

He then told her to lie on the ground so he could arrest her. She refused, as she contended that she wasn’t drunk or taking nude pics, but she kept her hands up where the ranger could see them. That’s when he tazed her. She fell to the ground and moments later, he tazed her genitals… y’know, just to be sure she and her junk wouldn’t do anymore dangerous drinking and nude photography.

Even though trans people have long been targets of police brutality and inappropriate use of tazers have killed 519 people in the U.S., the BLM says that their ranger acted appropriately adding that it is customary to taze people in the lower regions. They also promised to investigate should Fantelli file a complaint. Truth is, she’s filing a civil lawsuit. Investigate that, yo.