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Caitlyn Jenner claims she’s the victim of transphobia and the whole world is like “Girl, stahp!”

Caitlyn Jenner railed against Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter over the weekend, accusing the late night comedian of being transphobic after he compared her to Donald Trump. Unfortunately for her, nobody else seemed to see it that way.

Quick backstory: Last week, Kimmel cracked a joke about the California gubernatorial candidate’s widely panned appearance on The View, saying, “Are you sure that isn’t Donald Trump in a Caitlyn Jenner wig?”

During the appearance, Jenner likened herself to Trump, calling him a “disrupter” and saying, “I want to do the same thing.” She also refused to say whether he lost the 2020 election.

After Kimmel’s comment, Jenner wasted no time voicing her outrage on Twitter, writing: “Last night @jimmykimmel called me Donald Trump with a wig. He obviously believes that trans women are simply men with wigs on. Where is the outrage from the left or LGBT community? Being WOKE must be optional if you are a Democrat.”

LGBTQ Nation reports:

Kimmel showed some side-by-side pictures of Jenner’s and Trump’s facial expressions when he joked about how Jenner is Trump in “a Caitlyn Jenner wig.”

During the monologue, Kimmel referred to Jenner by her deadname. Jenner did not mention that on Twitter – she has previously said that she does not care about being deadnamed because even her mother misgenders her sometimes.

He also joked about Jenner’s lack of qualifications: “Caitlyn Jenner has a better chance of being the next Batman than she does the governor of California.”

But if Jenner thought playing the victim and bashing Democrats would somehow help win her favor among LGBTQ people, she can think again.

Here’s how people responded to her feigned outrage…

In addition to being a staunch Trump supporter, even after acknowledging he’s “the worst president we’ve ever had” when when it comes to LGBTQ rights, Jenner believes that “biological boys should not be allowed to participate in girls sports” and says it was easier to come out as trans than it was to come out as a Republican.

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