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Caitlyn Jenner rebrands herself as the poster child for Christianity in weird new campaign ad

Caitlyn Jenner has released a new campaign video and it’s all about how stupid taxes are and why people need to spend more time worshipping God just like she does every Sunday.

Jenner is upset because she claims that if you count all the regulations in California, you will find a total of 21.1 million words, which is, like, 12 times more than the Bible!

“Makes sense,” Jenner, who has fundraised roughly $300,000 in her gubernatorial campaign, says. “Politicians who wrote it worship tax increases and power.”

She goes on to say that if she’s elected governor, she’ll focus her attention on two things: Lowering taxes on small businesses and worshipping God.

“Together we’ll send a message to Sacramento that the power belongs to the people and we only worship God!”

Jenner has spoken about her faith in the past. In a 2017 interview with E!, the reality star identified as a Christian and said she went to church “often.”

“To me, my faith played a very big role in what I’m doing,” she said. “Growing up, I would think to myself, ‘Why did God put all these questions in my head?'”

She continued, “In the end, when I talk about faith, the last person besides my family, my close friends…the last hurdle I had to get over to know I was doing the right thing in transitioning was my faith and with God.”

Here’s how folx on Twitter are responding to Jenner’s campaign video about worshipping God…

In addition to being a staunch Trump supporter, even after acknowledging he’s “the worst president we’ve ever had” when when it comes to LGBTQ rights, Jenner believes that “biological boys should not be allowed to participate in girls sports” and says it was easier to come out as trans than it was to come out as a Republican.

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