Californian Biotech Firms Sweating Over Prop 8, Urge Others To Oppose

California’s gay marriage drama goes deep! Most of us think of Proposition 8 as an elimination of same-sex marriage rights, but Biotech executives there see far more complex dimensions.

You may not know this, but California and gay-marrying Massachusetts are in a bit of competition over scientists who work in the Biotech field. And insiders in the Golden State are worried that if Proposition 8 passes, then their bent talent may move over to Massachusetts, especially since Massachusetts sweetened their pot by passing a $1 billion package for the industry.

So, in an effort to save their hides – and homos – a coalition of California’s biotech firms are now joining the fight against Proposition 8.

The San Diego biotechnology executives are trying to persuade the local industry trade group, Biocom, to join in opposing it. Fischer and 21 other executives sent letters to Biocom and their friends and family, outlining how the proposition would hurt California.

“Our industry is vitally important to San Diego and we cannot allow other states become more appealing to our talented work force,” the executives said. “In today’s economy we cannot afford to lose the potential of a single job or company.”

The executives gave the letter to Biocom leaders last week, after the trade group’s policy committee had met to determine which candidates the organization would support in Tuesday’s election. Biocom did not take a stance on any ballot initiatives.

We don’t care if they’re simply worried about a brain drain to the Bay State, we’re happy these Californian science geeks are on our side.