Calvin Klein Ex Nick Gruber Got Himself A New Sugar Daddy

Last we heard Nick Gruber was writing a tell-all. And before that, the former porn pup was supposedly squiring a young lady around. Well it looks like he got back up on the dick horse: Paps caught Gruber, onetime flame of Calvin Klein, sucking face with new daddy John Luciano. If that names rings a bell, it’s because John is the nephew of legendary mobster Lucky Luciano. We guess Gruber just couldn’t give up the good life. And now, at least, he gets to wear other labels besides Calvin’s.

But old Lucky died in 1964 at age 62—John is really his nephew, how old is he?!?

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  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    He actually looks better now than he did before. Maybe staying away from Calvin, and the coke is beneficial for him.

  • streeteditions

    Don’t see a CK bag there! But I wouldn’t bet on any horses if I was him.

  • Aaron in Honolulu


  • Rob Moore

    Could be a great nephew or even a great, great nephew. I grew up with uncles and aunts all over the place, but every one of them was a great uncle or aunt with some in their 70s when I was still in primary school.

  • Ellipse Kirk

    My hubby has a niece a year older than he is. That’s not that uncommon, so there’s no guessing age by this gauge.

  • scott2

    As good looking as Mr. Gruber is, he is in a quintessentially feminine stereotype role – the young, dumb blond, gold digger. Nothing is wrong with that except is it the antithesis of a masculine, self-reliant gay, and I find that completely unattractive in this time in history when most women no longer see this as a desirable stance.

  • AndrewIB

    Good luck to him..If I looked like him hell I’d be rinsing it for all it was worth..

  • Miss Manners

    He’s handsome!


    Gruber? Or perhaps just plain GRUBBY.

  • Aetherguard

    Hey, if Luciano wants him and Gruber says yes, then let them have each other. Who are we to brand them for their ages, financial status’, or even their taste in fashion. All I see is 2 men that want each other. Go for it guys!

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