Calvin Klein’s Boy Toy Nick Gruber Arrested For Cocaine Possession

Nick Gruber, the 22-year-old boy toy (or maybe ex?) of Calvin Klein has come full circle: he started as a porn star, then started having sex with Calvin Klein, then became a fancy high-partying model, then maybe broke up with him and became a personal trainer.

His latest career move, as alleged by TMZ: drug dealer/amateur boxer?

The gossipmongers from the Ten Mile Zone report that cops found cocaine on Gruber after they responded to a 911 call saying he punched some dude in the face.

Law enforcement tells us … the 22-year-old model — who used to work in gay porn — was busted at his home at 4:58 AM after someone called 911 to report Nick punched a 20-year-old man in the face.

When cops arrived to the scene, officers say they observed a cut on the victim’s face … and arrested Nick for misdemeanor assault. Cops say Nick resisted by “flailing his arms in the air.”

Cops say they noticed Nick suspiciously reaching into the front of his pants … so they conducted a strip search back at the station … and discovered cocaine on his person.

Nick is now facing 3 criminal charges — including assault, resisting arrest and possession of a controlled substance.

Rutrow. Anyone know who Nick’s punching bag was/what all went down? Let us know.

Note: the above picture was taken at noon in New York, where he’s being taken to central booking after being arrested at the local precinct.

Photo courtesy of TMZ