Calvin Klein’s Boy Toy Nick Gruber Arrested For Cocaine Possession

Nick Gruber, the 22-year-old boy toy (or maybe ex?) of Calvin Klein has come full circle: he started as a porn star, then started having sex with Calvin Klein, then became a fancy high-partying model, then maybe broke up with him and became a personal trainer.

His latest career move, as alleged by TMZ: drug dealer/amateur boxer?

The gossipmongers from the Ten Mile Zone report that cops found cocaine on Gruber after they responded to a 911 call saying he punched some dude in the face.

Law enforcement tells us … the 22-year-old model — who used to work in gay porn — was busted at his home at 4:58 AM after someone called 911 to report Nick punched a 20-year-old man in the face.

When cops arrived to the scene, officers say they observed a cut on the victim’s face … and arrested Nick for misdemeanor assault. Cops say Nick resisted by “flailing his arms in the air.”

Cops say they noticed Nick suspiciously reaching into the front of his pants … so they conducted a strip search back at the station … and discovered cocaine on his person.

Nick is now facing 3 criminal charges — including assault, resisting arrest and possession of a controlled substance.

Rutrow. Anyone know who Nick’s punching bag was/what all went down? Let us know.

Note: the above picture was taken at noon in New York, where he’s being taken to central booking after being arrested at the local precinct.

Photo courtesy of TMZ

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  • DouggSeven

    A porn star caught with blow. SHOCKING…err wait, no.

    Also, “flailing his arms in the air”. You sure he wasn’t just queening out? He does fit the twink profile after all.

  • dave

    Who seriously gives a flying fuck? Not remotely newsworthy.

  • Steven

    LOL this is NOT surprising or major news. Nick Gruber is a porn guy and many people in porn both men and women are into coke, meth, heroin, and other drugs. CK himself was/is a cocaine addict and used to constantly sniff it while at studio 54.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Oh, Lord. Some guys have everything, and insist on throwing it all away.

  • FunMe

    Everyone who does porn is a “star”????

    More like star f***er!

  • Riker

    A gay boy does coke? SHOCKER!!!

  • Seaguy

    I wonder if his Daddy Calvin is going to secretly bail his ass out?

  • shannon


  • dvlaries

    I’d need coke and a lot more if I had to pretend lust for that geriatric fossil.

  • cam

    “”Cops say Nick resisted by “flailing his arms in the air.””

    Best arrest report of the week.

  • Lifer

    How long does one get to be 22 in NY?

  • B

    The resisting arrest charge sounds just a bit bogus. He was probably just freaking out and being overly dramatic, waving his hands in the air while saying/thinking something like, “Does this mean I’ll miss tonight’s party?”

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the “punch” was due to the same sort of reaction, but who knows?
    That leaves the drugs. I’ll refrain from speculating about Calvin. Being suddenly a public figure of sorts (famous guy’s alleged boyfriend) could easily be very stressful. Maybe he can use a “necessity” defense.

    So, maybe we can give him a free pass – in exchange for a night in bed depending on one’s tastes (and whether he agrees to be seen, not heard, just in case he is not the world’s greatest conversationalist).

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