Canada Forces Daniel Garcia To Follow Lesbian Sister Brenda To Their Violent Fates In Mexico

Daniel Garcia, the Mexican teen who arrived in Canada three years ago with his lesbian sister to escape anti-gay torment, was today deported back to Mexico, following his sister Brenda’s removal on Monday. The Garcias arrived in 2007 and filed for refugee status, saying Brenda, now 30, had been attacked for being a lesbian and her partner shot to death; having filed an emergency request for a stay of his deportation, Daniel says his mother has already received threats that he too would be targeted, even killed, if he returned home. Daniel, now 18, has been held in a detention center since last week after he was arrested for supposedly not filing a change of address notice with immigration officials, and failing to appear at a hearing. With immigration officials believing neither Daniel or Brenda faced real danger, today she put him on a plane back to Mexico City.

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  • Derek

    Well, there do seem to be legitimate reasons why this happened outside of any homophobic motivations.

  • Raul

    It is so sad this orders stuff. Im a Mexicano and live very very happy in Mexico and I will never change Mexico over the cold weather in Canada. Even with all our violence I love my country. But I will also loved to have the freedom that humans used to have to migrate and start over. Im about to finish a very loving relationship with a Us Citizen because we are not able to live in the US. In mExico we can now get married but his spanish is not good to look for a job.

    Im sorry this lesbian girl and kid are not free to live where they want and have to create a drama to try.

  • Mike

    That’s sad about Garcia… Mexico is beautiful. Raul said in Mexico is possible to get married… is true, but is NOT the same, you don’t have the freedom and that “married” situation is just in “Mexico City”, the rest of the country nothing happens.

    Like gay and living right now in Canada I can say, you can’t never compare Mexico, Mexico is Catholic 100% they will never change.

  • Paul in Canada

    I suspect that the deportation is thanks in great part to the hateful Harper regime.

  • Tallskin

    Not really for me to comment about canada’s immigration/refugee policy, but mexico is hardly a third world country and is not like say, Iraq or Afghanistan, so claiming refugee status/asylum is just taking the piss.

    If you’re being threatened in one area of mexico then simply move to another part of mexico – mexico is a HUGE country with some very large and sophisticated cities.

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