Canada + Mexico’s Marriage Equality Threaten to Gay Drain America

North America is starting to look a little lopsided, y’all. From the U.S., looking both north and south offers safe havens for same-sex marriage. And as Stephen Colbert explains, without a fence erected along American borders, homosexuals are going to escape. It’s like a double-edged dildo, and America is on the receiving end.

[Colbert Report]

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  • ChrisH

    Is Stephen Colbert pro gay marriage? I thought so but i’m not 100% sure

  • Drake

    Go to Washington DC where marriage is legal for us, and forget about freezing in Canada or getting shot by the Mexican drug cartels.

  • Baxter

    @ChrisH: Stephen Colbert the person or Stephen Colbert the character? I don’t know if he’s ever come out and said it, but I would assume that the real Colbert is pro gay marriage or he wouldn’t spend so much time making fun of people who are against it.

  • 7

    @ChrisH: Yes. He is a send-up of Conservative pundits.

    @Drake: Canada is cold, granted, but Mexico is more than just the cartels. It’s not as bad as it was with Escobar in Colombia. Most of Mexico is beautiful.

  • Chuck

    Canada is cold, but right now it’s hot because it’s summer. Also Toronto rocks. I think a county that recognizes all your rights to full citizenship and doesn’t allow discrimination against you trumps the weather. Canada also has healthcare and the people are nice. I wish they’d grant us asylum.

  • emmy

    There’s a website that helps same-sex couples immigrate to Canada.

    Welcome to Canada; bienvenue au Canada. Have some poutine!

  • Joe

    @Drake: Going to states that have gay marriage does nothing for many of us. There are simply too many rights that we cannot have at the federal level despite the fact that some states may allow it. My Mexican partner and I have been together for 13 years. We immigrated to Canada a year and a half ago and have never looked back. Fuck the U.S. and their so-called freedoms

  • adam

    Only Mexico City in Mexico has same-sex marriage…

    just saying because a lot of people seem to be assuming that all of Mexico has it, not just on here.

  • s_b

    @adam: Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled that all of the states have to recognize same-sex marriages performed in Mexico City.

  • scott ny'er

    IDK. I would consider Canada but from what I “hear”, and I stress hear, I would not consider Mexico. It sounds dangerous.

  • John McLaren

    Gay marriages in some states and DC are symbolic but don’t mean a thing when you file income tax with Uncle Sam or leave the state. The US government does not honour them or extend equal benefits, In Canada gay marriages are federal and available and recognised from coast to coast. We don’t have “same -sex marriage” in Canada simply “marriage.” People who happen to be gay/lesbian or straight end up with exactly all the same rights and responsibilities. There’s a big difference between a Mass. gay marriage and a Canadian marriage.

  • hudson

    @John McLaren: yeah, you don’t need to tell me the US government doesn’t recognize same sex marriage- my husband and I were made to fill out separate declaration forms at the airport flying to California in Feb. Told quite bluntly the the US government does not recognize same sex marriage. I had to hoof it back the end of a considerable line and get a new form and fill it out. Nice.

    You all deserve better than you’re getting.

  • John (CA)

    The Department of Homeland Security could save themselves a whole lot of trouble by simply having everyone line up single file with their own form.

    It works just fine in China.

    After all, harassing law abiding same-sex couples doesn’t really have anything to do with searching for contraband or terrorism, right?

  • Queer Supremacist

    With all the crime, institutionalized corruption, and drug cartels, Mexico needs us.

  • gayrab

    Love you Colbert. – A Gay Muslim

  • AL

    Really disturbing. Like 90% of people here thumbed up the comment “F*ck the U.S.” Meanwhile, you get upset when people say that liberal hate America.

    You can complain about the lack of marriage equality in the U.S. all you want, but you can’t deny the fact that America belongs to a small percentage of gay friendly nations in a very homophobic world. Please, if you hate America so much, move out.

    P.S.: “Gay Muslim?” You gotta be kidding me. That’s the biggest oxymoron of all times. Forget about gay Republicans.

  • xyz

    Canada is an economic and technological backwater. We don’t have Netflix, Hulu, Kindle mobile downloads, or even the new Blackberry Torch – even though we invented the damn thing. Why is marriage so important? Most gays don’t want to be tied down, and this issue is pushed by a bunch of militants. America on it worst day is still better than Canada on it best. And Mexico is nearing a failed state. You can’t live on the resorts.

  • Beanner

    @xyz: Given how the Canadian economy has outperformed the American economy these past few years, Canada is hardly an economic backwater. Our whole financial sector is a mess compared to Canada’s. And as much as I love Netflix and Hulu, you’d have to be pretty shallow to consider either of those services as significant factors in determining liveability, over such things as, say, human rights. Besides, a quick Google search shows that Netflix and the Torch will be in Canada any day now, so why all the negativity?

  • Joe

    @xyz: Do you even live in Canada? Economic backwater? What are you talking about? Canada has the same standard of living as does the U.S. without the economic downturn, without the crime, and without the crazy religious bigots. And if its Netflix you’re worried about, Canada has Zip, which is just as good as Netflix. Glad to see you’re concerned about the important things

  • Joe

    @AL: Al, America belongs to gay friendly nations??? You mean like Canada, Argentina, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, Norway, Sweeden, Portugal and Iceland, all of whom have gay marriage when the U.S. does not? America belongs to gay friendly nations?? You mean like Albania, Israel, Canada, Germany, France, Ireland, Peru, Romania, and the U.K. which allow gays to openly serve in their armed forces when the U.S. does not? Maybe if you’d turn off Fox News for 5 minutes and quit listening to the voice of Sarah Palin in your head, you’d realize that maybe America isn’t as super-duper freedom fantastic as you’ve been led to believe. You even end your little post with a “love it or leave it” remark. I did leave it.

  • AL

    @Joe: Your ignorance is appalling. I don’t watch Fox News and I don’t hear voices of Sarah Palin. Alright?

    You are not looking at things objectively. As I have ALREADY mentioned, the U.S. doesn’t have all the rights you want and lags behind Western Europe. But you have to be a total moron to even dare to draw analogy between the U.S. and places like Asia, Middle East, or Africa in terms of gay rights. Allowing gays to serve openly does NOT indicate gay-friendliness. Many nations of Eastern Europe allow gays to serve openly. But are they gay-friendly? I don’t think so.

    You left? Good. I am in America and I love it. You know why? Because homos in my native country get sent to prison. To me, the United States is a much safer place than anything else.

  • Joe

    @AL: So your standard is to compare America to the Middle East and some African countries?? Way to raise the bar there Al!! And the U.S. doesn’t just “lag behind Western Europe” as you ignorantly point out. I already mentioned Canada and now MEXICO as being more progessive on gay issues. So you fail again.
    I am sorry you had to leave your country and find solace in the U.S. But you know what, Al? I had to leave my country (U.S.) for exactly the same kind of bigotry. Being thankful that that the U.S. doesn’t enprison its queer citizens is hardly comforting when the country to the North of America and the country to the South of America both have it better.

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