Canceled: Will Marc St. James Become an Editor Before Ugly Betty Ends?

With ratings and pop culture buzz plummeting, the news isn’t so shocking: ABC — the network once believed to be the gay friendliest but now not so much — is canceling Ugly Betty. Which means we’ll have to say goodbye to Michael Urie’s Marc, Justin, and all the other homos who paraded through Mode along the way. And so soon after learning we’re losing Mad Men‘s gay.

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  • Justin

    Damn, I love that show too. So campy, so fun. I think what killed the show was America Ferrara becoming all diva and then ABC moving the time slot. Like who watches whatever is on Thursdays at 8pm now X.x;; I switched to Bones now that Betty isnt on /cry

  • Anne



  • terrwill


    No more:

    ~Willheminas evilness
    ~Marks bitcheness
    ~Amandas cattiness
    ~Bettys cluelessness
    ~Big Sis’ whoreness
    ~Dad’s sweetness
    ~And Justin’s soon to be gaynesses……….. :'{

  • Jacob

    That SUCKS!!!

  • TheInsider

    well, they shoud’ve increased the tension between Betty and Daniel, until they finally found love in each other. That’s what kept the original Betty, the Colombian version, going, and what made it an international success. The American show for some reason never really embraced that fully. It could’ve been such a happy ending.

  • joeyB

    well, the show had a nice run. all good things come to an end…

  • B Damion

    This show lost it’s edge after season 2. Honestly once Will&Grace left the did I. I really don’t have a stand out show that I’m completely dedicated too. O well so long Betty.

  • Landon Bryce

    Ugly Betty has actually had been better this season than it was in Season Three, but it’s time. The creators do seem to have intended this to be its last season, or at least they have written it in a way that should allow it to wrap up in a satisfying way. This will leave a void in terms of gay programming on network TV.

    And to answer the headline question: Marc was made a junior editor last week.

  • Scott

    @ #1 “Like who watches whatever is on Thursdays at 8pm ”

    Get a Tivo. It doesn’t matter when the show is on. Watch when you want. Need to tape 4 shows at once? Get a second Tivo.

  • terrwill

    @Scott: Last time there were 4 programs on same time that I really wanted to watch was never!
    : P

  • Jon B

    Mark got his promotion last week! Helllllooooooo. Saddest cancellation ever. :(

  • terrwill

    We should all band together and send something to ABC to show our support for the show. I recalls there were a few succesful efforts to cancel a cancellation of shows in the past. I can’t remember what shows and what was sent but I know in one case fans sent thousands of bottles of pepper sauce in a successful movement…….What could we send to Steve McPherson??????

  • fredo777

    This some bullshit.

    Sorry, too upset to be grammatically correct. }: |

  • fredo777


    lol the first successful case of that happening (to my knowledge) was with CBS’ “Jericho”, where fans sent tons + tons of nuts to the powers that be (get it? you’d be “nuts” to cancel such a great show) + they got the show revived.

  • Swimmer - Chicago

    Great News! Another stereotype show for the queers GONE! Yes!

    If you guys wanna be girls – switchover to Lifetime for women and gay men. They have all the divas you could ever want on one channel.

    Give me a gay James Bond (pref. Daniel Craig) any day over Ugly Betty.

  • fredo777

    @Swimmer – Chicago:

    how ridiculous. watching ugly betty has nothing to do with wanting to be girls. it’s a funny show + when i want to watch an action film, that has nothing to do with watching + enjoying a sitcom.

  • Lukas P.

    A sad day for TV really. The show had its ups and downs, but has some of the best writing — esp. the oneliners — on network tv. Maybe cable will make a grab for it. Am a big fan of Vanessa W’s portayal of a powerful backstabber and Judith Light’s resurrection from the grave. Plus Marc and Amanda’s being seperate halves of one funny gay brain.
    And don’t forget Justin and his Mom and how she doesn’t try to butch the kid up.

    Unless the network has a better replacement, it’s a bad move. I’m sure these actors and their characters will be missed. Betty’s braces and outfits, not so much!

  • Bayonet

    They suck. Good riddance.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Glee is the reigning show for queens, Ugly Betty never delivered in the latter few seasons. It had no heart – and after feeling pity for Ugly Betty, you really hoped she got hit by a crosstown bus!

    There is a NEED for a funny, relevant sitcom with smart gays. Even Jack and Karen could have a spin-off! (Dramas are too much drama!)

  • scott ny'er

    i never could get into this show.

  • Ian

    I’ve found both Ugly Betty as well as Glee to be totally empty headed froth with the cast full of screamingly walking stereotypes. That this show is getting cancelled is a GOOD thing ;)

  • Lukas P.

    @Ian: By gosh, the heteronormative Head of programming @ ABC really does post on Qweerty!
    Who knew?

    Kidding aside, the show was well-written, featured characters who were rarely dull, and introduced us to some great newish actors, un-PC quips, and some appallingly wonderful views of the high and mighty and the world of Haute couture sarcasm.

    Is Grey’s Anatomical Crisis the next to face the chopping block? Will Glee go too gay and piss off the Bible-humpers? Will Lost lose its kahuna mojo?

    Tune in, TIVO, or Read Qweerty to find out.

  • Bitch Republic

    ABC killed Ugly Betty by putting it on 3 different days of the week this season. :(

  • fredo777

    @Ian: “I’ve found both Ugly Betty as well as Glee to be totally empty…That this show is getting cancelled is a GOOD thing ;)”

    That is rubbish, through and through.

  • Bayonet

    Glee is another piece of shit show full of stereotypical queens. I hate it.

  • fredo777

    Glee is another excellent show + only has about one “queeny” major character. I can only assume that you’ve never even watched much of the show you claim to hate. At least get your facts right.

  • Bayonet

    no. 26 Fredo777
    I stand by what I say. It´s crap. And the producer is evil.

  • terrwill

    @Bayonet: Ryan Murphy is Gay so I am guessin’ that you aren’t too fond o’ the Gays???? ya know there are other sites where you might feel little more comfortable………. jus’ sayin……….

  • terrwill


  • The Artist

    It tooooo bad about Betty. I do believe the show has heart. RIP!!!

  • Bayonet

    @no.29 Terrwill
    There goes Terrwill, always butting in and putting in his 2 cents when no one asked him too. I know Murphy, so please, spare me you crap u bigmouth. Get outta my sight dude with your know-it-all attitude. I am gay, but that doesn’t mean i have to follow any party line, comprende amigo?

  • terrwill

    @Bayonut: Boy Michael, you really have superpowers don’tya?? You tell me “get outta my sight” You can see me??? Over the internets?? WOW. Look at how important Bayonut is!! He knows Ryan Murphy!!

    Seems funny dude for someone who I can’t eve recall seeing here……..and yet “There goes Terrwill, always butting in and putting in his 2 cents”…Guess what when you post on these threads anyone is allowed to respond! Isn’t it neat how that works????………G’nite M………

  • fredo777

    @The Artist:

    Agreed. The show absolutely had heart, which was one of the biggest draws for me. The whole catty superficial fashion world stereotypes were fine for comic relief, but the real heart of the show was its more tender, “human” moments. Anyone who watched the show more than a couple times would know that.

  • Bayonet

    @no.33 Dirtwill/Terrwill
    Well freak, it only takes a few visits to this damm blog to see ur everywhere, commenting on everything and dissecting other people’s replies like you were some sort of pundit. Guess you don’t work huh? So yeah, I do have powers, now go crawl back under ur rock troll or I’ll zap u… Oh, and is Michael your dad? Did you fuck him yesterday? Say hello to him.

  • Jeff

    I was not too crazy about the caricatures and cattiness on this show, especially with Michael Urie’s character. Yes, he’s gay, yes, it’s a comedy, but why always the stereotype of the flamboyant and bitchy queen? Producer Silvio Horta, who is gay, should know better.

  • fredo777

    I didn’t have a problem with Marc’s character, b/c while not all gay men are catty + bitchy, some are. So, that’s who this particular character was. There was also the character Cliff(Marc’s boyfriend) who was neither “queeny” nor bitchy. I have more of a problem when gay critics act as though we should run from portraying any gay characters as femme or “flamboyant” like none of us are that way + as if it’s necessarily a bad thing to be.

  • Jeff

    @fredo777: Obviously, that’s your opinion Fredo777, and we see things differently. Your problem is different than mine.

  • fredo777


    Yes, we see things differently.

  • Dasher

    If ratings were slipping, why no jump the shark?

    Sort of feel sorry for Justin, though, I know he’s just a character…

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