Catholic High School Coach Fired For Involvement In Brutal Philly Gay-Bashing

Fran-McGlinn-fired-catholic-gay-bashingAn assistant basketball coach at a Philadelphia area Catholic high school has been fired for his alleged involvement in the savage beating of a gay couple that took place in Center City last week.

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia confirmed to the Philadelphia Daily News last night that 25-year-old Fran McGlinn had been fired from his position as an assistant basketball coach at Archbishop Wood High School immediately after it was learned that he is allegedly one of the “visibly intoxicated” and “well dressed” assailants who beat two gay men in a surveillance video that has had the entire community on edge for the last week.

“He was terminated this evening and will not be permitted to coach in any archdiocesan school,” Gavin added, noting that McGlinn was not a teacher and only working on a “contract basis.” “We expect all those who work with students in our schools to model appropriate Christian behavior at all times.”

We reported earlier this week that victims of the assault, 26 and 28-year-old boyfriends who have remained unidentified, came forward after being released from the hospital during the weekend. They claimed they were walking to dinner on Thursday night when members of the group of 12 began taunting them with homophobic slurs.

The two groups exchanged words and that’s when, according to several witnesses and the victims, two men and six women from the group beat them to what the victims say felt like a state of near death.

Police were only able to identify members of the group this Wednesday, when a random sleuth on Twitter used the surveillance footage released by the Philadelphia PD to find the group checked-in at a local restaurant hours before the attack. Using Facebook, @FanSince09 also found the group posing for a group photo.

Shortly after, it was reported that several persons of interest had retained lawyers and were speaking with police.

While no arrests have been made, CBS Philly notes that if there are, charges will not be hate-related because Pennsylvania law only recognizes hate crimes as “motivated by race, religion and ethnicity.”