Cheap Deals to Get You to the National Equality March


Need to get to Washington D.C. for October’s National Equality March? But struggling with things like, uh, paying for it? Then boy do the march’s organizers have good news for you: special rates!

From discounted hotel stays to reduced Amtrak fares to organized charter bus trips and ride-share information from various points across the nation, Equality Across America’s leaders want to have you covered.

Score the right deal, and you might not be forced to troll Craigslist trading naked house cleaning services for a blow-up mattress to crash on. Yahoo!

Now, group discounts and special rates with transportation and accommodation companies for events like NEM aren’t particularly unique nor interesting. It is notable, however, because it shows Equality Across America organizers have been, uh, organizing. Or at least providing the tools to let you do it on your own. Psychologists like to call this “cognitive development,” though sometimes it’s referred to as “leg work.”

Thirty-nine days and counting …