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Chely Wright, the Lesbian Whose Straight Fans Have Known All Along

“I wish I’d done it sooner,” Chely Wright says about coming out to OurSceneTV at the GLSEN Respect Awards in New York. “I cannot believe how I’ve been embraced by the gay community. And by the straight community who thought they didn’t know a gay person. That’s what’s been amazing about this journey, is I’m meeting so many of my fans that said, ‘You’re gay? I didn’t know I knew any gays?’ Well yes you do, and you’ve loved her for a long time.”

[via OurSceneTV]

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  • Random Rashes

    Who is she again?

  • j

    @Random Rashes: idiot. Imagine posting something so negative to such a positive post.

  • s_b

    Um… I don’t think the headline is quite what she’s saying in the video..

  • Aye


    I agree, it’s so not what she saying.

  • Samwise

    The title is very misleading. I can see how it could be READ to mean “straight fans of Chely Wright who didn’t think they knew a lesbian in fact knew one all along – Chely Wright!” but the way it’s worded makes you think it’s about how all her straight fans knew she was gay before she came out.

    Oh well. What she REALLY was saying was very sweet. And it definitely speaks to the truth of how openly gay celebrities can change the world: by being the gay person that millions of people know and love and can point to when they hear right wingers claim that all gays are evil.

  • Aye


    I agree with you too, Samwise. Before she came out I thought all this hoopla about a celebrity coming out was crazy. And I though that the celebrity was just using it as a way of promoting and selling their stuff. But she’s definitely proven to me that it’s about much more then that. It really does seem like she’s doing it to help other gay people and for her own sense of relief.

  • gr

    I think Chely Wright is a hypocrite and a liar. For many years many people enjoyed her songs about love and relationships between a man and a woman.

    Her performances gained her a lot of money from people who trusted in her honesty in country music, because country music and country music listeners listen for and expect honesty and integrity. Chely Wright certainly portrayed herself as a good girl next door type of character, someone you’d never suspect of being a homosexual.

    All of these years Chely Wright never let on that her values (homosexual) in regards to relationships were opposite of those of many of her listeners (heterosexual) all the while TAKING people’s hard earned money. For that reason I will never buy another CD from her again.

    She may have “come out” but she’s also lost a lot of her fanbase because of this.

  • Lefty

    @gr: You won’t buy any more of her CDs but you will go on gay websites and dig up year old reports about her just to tell everyone that?
    Jesus, homophobes really are as thick as pigshit aren’t they?

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