Ups The Queer Ante
Online dating site continues to embrace the gays.

The site, run in conjunction with Barry Diller’s, previously made headlines by targeting rival’s gay ban. They then came out with a silly series of gay print ads. Now, a perky publicist informs us that has launched a $40 million commercial campaign featuring real life couples proclaiming their own special vows. And, not surprisingly, the campaign includes some queers, like this adorable duo.

Brandweek provides some more details:

The campaign will run primarily on cable stations such as Bravo, Food Network and TNT. “Cable is a great medium for us,” said Ginsberg. Radio supports. spent $21 million in measured media in 2007, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus. Agency hanft raboy and partners, New York, handles., which is owned by, 500,000 unique visitors last month compared to the year prior–a 72% spike–per Score MediaMetrix, Reston, Va. It has 4.2 million registered members.

So what impact did’s attack ads have on eHarmony? Apparently, a positive one. eHarmony saw its February unique visitor total rise to 2.8 million from 1.8 million the year prior.

On a related note, Diller last week won a court case allowing him to split his company, IAC/InteractiveCorp – which owns – into five parts. Stocks rose 3.2% this morning. We’re going to start looking for someone with IAC stock.