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Cher Will Cut A Bitch That Badmouths Chaz On DWTS Message Boards

Don’t homophobes know not to get on the wrong side of Cher’s Twitter stream?

Okay so anti-gay types aren’t likely to “follow” the Dark Lady’s tweets, but that didn’t stop the her from lashing out against haters attacking her son Chaz over his participation in the new season of Dancing With The Stars.

lovelies! Chaz is Being Viciously Attacked on Blogs & Message boards about being on DWTS! This is Still America right ? It took guts 2 do it

Can u guys check out sites & give him your support ? BTW …Mothers don’t stop Getting angry with stupid bigots who fk with their children!

I support him no matter what he chooses 2do! God! will there always be haters! It took COURAGE 2 do dwts ! TG Chaz has an Unlimited supply

bet VAST MAJORITY of People will LOVE CHAZ on DWTS! & it’s took Fkg Guts 2! Chaz isn’t exactly the “Gotta Dance Gotta Dance” kinda Guy

Over on the DWTS message board, some mouth breathers felt it was necessary to announce they weren’t going to watch the show because of Chaz Bono’s involvement. (But apparently they will troll the forum.) “My family has watched for years and we have even flown out to California to see it live. We will not be watching this year,” writes karenvking67. “We will filter the show this year and do not support cast choices of transgender, gay or lesbian contestants….”

Paired with dancer Lacey Schwimmer, Bono took to Twitter to thank his superstar mother, adding that, “The haters are just motivating me to work harder and stay on DWTS as long as I possibly can.

Bono does have online defenders that didn’t give birth to him, too. “To all who are going to stop watching DWTS bc Chaz is taking part,” writes Terri,  the show will do just fine without you bigots.”

We’ll leave with one final thought tweet from Cher: “I think we can agree that Chaz has the biggest balls of anyone on DWTS.”

Dancing With the Stars  returns to ABC on Sept 19.


Image via Ian Smith

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  • Kamikapse

    Give *him* your support?

  • Matt D.

    @Kamikapse: Yes, him. I fail to see the problem.

  • Sebastian

    Yes Kamikapse, give HIM your support! Chaz, as a trangendered person, goes as male now and we should respect that and properly refer to HIM as HIM. You do not need to agree, but you do need to support and respect the individual. It’s called love your neighbor!
    Just saying.

  • EdWoody

    I wonder if there’s some significance to the fact that Chaz (the first trans contestant) is paired with Lacey Schwimmer, and Lance Bass (the first gay contestant, or at least openly so) was also paired with Lacey Schwimmer.

    Do the dancers get to choose who they dance with? Or is it a lottery? By which I mean, does Lacey deliberately choose the potentially controversial partners? Either in the hopes of more publicity, or because she’s just a friend of the LGBTs? We know her brother’s a big dancing nancy too…

  • KJM1968

    Chaz is the best thing to happen to that crappy show. Show him the love!

  • christopher di spirito

    It will be interesting if DWTS cuts Chaz over the complaints.

  • Arkano18

    I actually don’t watch DWTS (since it’s not broadcasted in my country) but I will watch it ONLY because of HIM. Yes, HIM.

    Deal with it.

  • jason

    Chaz Bono does NOT want to be gay. Repeat, she does NOT want to be gay. If anything, she wishes to be heterosexual. She is running away from the gay concept.

    As for Dancing With The Stars in general, did you hear how they’re going to pair Carson Kressley with a woman? What an absolute disgrace! Conrad Green, the executive producer of the show, is being disingenuous about the show’s inclusiveness. His show is homophobic without a doubt.

    If you have an ounce of self-dignity as a gay man, please do not watch Dancing With The Stars.

    Oh, and Carson Kressley is the new Uncle Tom.

  • xander

    Cher is a force of nature: don’t ‘fk’ with her. As for Chaz, the apple didn’t far fall from the tree, he’s got courage to put himself under such harsh spotlights (Celebrity Fit Club, or whatever that one was called, and now DWTS) — I wish him well.

    If the Palinistas could rig the vote for Bristol, we can do the same for Chaz, can’t we?

  • Matt D.

    @John: I knew a Catholic who killed himself. By your logic, religion is also a mental illness. Oh wait, that doesn’t make the tiniest bit of sense, and neither does any of your blather. Did you ever stop to think that your friend’s suicide was because of the way trans people are treated by folks like you? Chaz was born with female anatomy, which has absolutely nothing to do with who Chaz is as an individual. He’s a brave man to do what he’s doing.

  • Steve

    That lady who said she would stop watching because of an LGBT participant is the biggest idiot – aren’t one of the judges super gay? I know at least one of the professional dancers is gay (van Amstel). The show has already had contestants like Lance Bass. So that crazy bitch karenvking67 is either just flat out stupid or has only watched the season with Bristol Palin.

  • WIes

    Geez… queers hating on trans people? that’s so hypocritic… by the same definition men should be with women and women be with men. but gays and lesbians don’t because they feel that’s not right. Same goes for trans people. they could remain who they where born as, or become how they feel they should be. Seriously… shame on those referring to chaz as she.

  • Kevon

    There is an active troll on this site that posts with (last count) 12 different handles. On this article, his comment above is signed as “John”….this is a certifiable, deranged, nut job with serious mental issues. It goes beyond ignorance, it’s beyond hate, it’s well past homophobia and right down to insanity.

    Be mindful of this creep, ignore the troll, and don’t feed the troll. Also know that they post under different handles/names when agreeing with their own bigotry so if you ever do respond, know you’re responding to the same person pretending to be a whole bunch of different people. It’s not worth the mess. The shrink gave up on this nutjob, clearly society did too and if we’re so fortunate…they’ll give up on their own life.

    Just a heads up for all: troll amongst us who signs with different handles in every article and writes bigotry coupled with insanity.

  • Chris

    Actually, this might be the first time I watch that show.

  • Jeff in NYC

    @John: With ‘friends’ like you, it isn’t surprising that your trans ‘friend’ killed themselves. It’s bad enough when complete strangers bag on you for who you are and how you choose to express yourself, but when someone purporting to be your friend does it, I can see how life could be unbearable. You don’t seem like a very nice person, just based on your saying Chaz is ‘600’ pounds. Oftentimes when someone has insecurities about their own appearance, they will attack someone elses.
    @jason:Of course Chaz does not want to be gay. HE is a heterosexual male. Silly!

    To be fair, I have never watched the show, but have seen a few minutes here and there. The only reason I would stop watching if I was a regular viewer already would be the inclusion of the awful Nancy Grace.

  • Michelle C.

    @WIes: Wles, I’d bet YOU were the one who wrote the comment hating on Chaz and now are sitting here blaming it on “queers” I’ve been on this site long enough to observe a keen pattern in the comments area. Someone will post a horrible, hateful comment and some time later a poster will accuse the entire gay community of being horrible, rotten people due to that persons comment. I find it all a little too convenient considering anyone with a brain cell knows that this site is frequented by many straight people, homophobes and many of which who read and reply to the articles. If you want to sell us on the idea that every person who comments in these articles is GLBT and sometimes it’s not a straight person with an agenda to make gays look bad or pin us against each other; well, you’re the idiot. And you’re not fooling anyone. One thing about Queerty is we spot a troll from a mile away and call them out on their bull right there.

  • the crustybastard

    At the peak of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, I saw Carson Kressley getting mobbed by a bunch of little girls at an airport.

    I watched that man patiently and kindly take time to chat with each one, autograph whatever they put in front of him, and pose for every picture they asked for. After they left, I went over briefly and complimented him for taking the trouble to ensure every one of those little girls feel special that day, and he was just as charming, funny and gracious as he could be.

    He’s a cool guy, genuine, and a real gentleman.

    As a competitive equestrian, I’m confident Mr. Kressley do fine on the dance floor, but I’m going to try to make a point of voting this season, just because he’s a really good guy.

    And because Jason thinks it’s a bad idea.

  • Elloreigh

    @WIes: Don’t generalize. So far, most of the ‘queers’ posting here have been supportive.

    Newsflash: No group is immune to having members who express prejudice and bigotry. Not even the trans communities. So don’t go painting everyone who is ‘queer’ with the same broad brush. It tends to piss off those of us who do support you, and makes us question whether continuing to voice that support is worth getting slammed from both sides. I support trans interests because I believe it’s the right thing to do, regardless of others’ opposing opinions. Don’t make me rethink that position by portraying the gay community as collectively anti-trans.

  • Little Kiwi

    I’m a proud gay man and my family and I will always always ALWAYS stand strong with our trans brothers and sisters.

    If we, as gay bisexual and lesbian people, will not stand strong in support of our trans family then we cannot expect non-gays to stand strong in support of us.

    empathy, folks.

    end transphobia

  • Sebastian

    Well said Little Kiwi!

  • LukeM

    This might be the first season I’ll watch!

  • Jake

    I’m more interested in Cher’s commentary about the show than the actual show itself

  • Mav

    I’m going to make a point to watch the show just because of Bono. And I’ll vote for him too, if only as a “Fuck you” to all the people refusing to watch the show because he’s on it.

    You go Bono.

    And as far as people making comments about Bono’s weight goes, I’d be willing to bet it’s partially due to taking testosterone. It’s known to cause extreme weight gain. But I do agree that he needs to lose it for his health. I read he’s been working out 2-3 hours a day and is only a 2,000 calorie daily intake. He’s already lost 40 pounds. I bet he comes out of DWTS much smaller than he is now.

  • NCNC

    I made a little bet with myself before clicking on these comments. “Self,” I said, “I betcha that there Jason fella has something vicious to say ’bout this here situation.”

    I win.

    Civility loses.

  • Bryan

    I won’t be watching, because DWTS has been a shitty show for a while now, but stupid parents really need to stop hiding under the guise of wanting to protect their own children their bigotry and I hope Chaz gets all the support he needs.

  • Mia g vayner

    @0 yrs ago I came out as full time transgender I became the woman I knew I was my mother ordered my brothers t take me out back and bat the gay out of me another brother shot me . to have cher as a mother would be joy she doesnn’t undrstand yet but she gets it when it comes to one fact her child needs her and thats all that matters love you che and to chaz just keep standing in your own truth you will live a amazing life now you are your true self . blessed be Mia G Vayner a proud trans woman

  • Finn Keivan

    People need to know Chaz is only one amoung thousands of us Trans guys we are everywhere and we give heaps to community all over the world and we are no diferent to any other person and in many ways maybe more tolerant and less judgemental than those who judge us

  • ewe

    I wouldn’t watch that show no matter who was on it.

  • iDavid

    I love CHER and love Chaz for what he is doing with his life. He’s happy and that is all that matters. What an awesome role model, woohoo! Can’t wait to see if the ratings soar with him dancing on DWTS. Go get ’em MAN! And for CHER, her LV show is so awesomely surreal, I didn’t come down for days, truly unforgettable lifetime event. Love you Cher, will see you again this year if you are in LV.

  • alan Balehead

    he got the gig because his mom is Cher..such nepotism!!

  • Jamie Bowman

    Cher is a dumb dyslexic who needs to keep her opinions and her she/it/male child confined the being the circus freak act – both of them.

  • Jamie Bowman

    Cher is a dumb dyslexic who needs to keep her opinions and her she/it/male child confined to being the circus freak act – both of them.

  • Rich

    Watch the show if you support gay life. Let’s see the ratings sail this season.

  • Rich

    And let’s stop calling ourselves gay. These days gay means strong, tough, brave. We’re not gay as long as we’re not equal under the law. We still have a very long way to go. I think we should be called “braves”.

  • the crustybastard

    @Mia g vayner:

    Holy shit!

    That’s just….wow. Well, for getting through that, I’m real proud of you, baby.

    Stand tall.

  • mike128

    I LOVE Cher. What a cool woman and a great mom.

    There is definitely trans-phobia within the gay community. Those of us who support our trans brothers and sisters need to continue to speak out. I support the right of trans people to live an authentic life. And I wish Chaz good luck!

  • Toni

    @jason: You’re an ass-hat. k.. thanks.

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