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Chicago’s Lutheran Child Family Services Won’t Let Gay Couple Be Foster Parents To Gay Teen

Fred Steinhauer and Matt Nalett, a Chicago couple, were denied the chance to foster a 15-year-old “Kenny” — who’s since come out as gay, and whom the couple met during Matt’s work with a runway group — by Lutheran Child Family Services, because they are homogays. Jumping through all the necessary hoops, Steinhauer says he and Nalett made it clear from the beginning they were a gay couple. But because LCFS “will not develop or license adoptive or foster care families who identify themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning,” and evidently the agency decided to ignore its own policy at the beginning of the foster care process, the couple were suddenly out of luck just as they were about to begin guidance classes. Did we mention LCFS receives $19.9 million in state funding? Since Fox Chicago began asking questions about the agency’s refusal to let Fred and Matt adopt, the note on LCFS’s website about refusing queers is gone. Because they finally realized they were to be working in the best interests of children, not bigotry, right?

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  • Toby

    In this sad lonely world, Let the kid have a chance to have a family for the first time. Anything else would be inhumanely cruel.

  • Theo

    Clearly, these organizations should NEVER be allowed to be off the hook since they received millions of dollars from the state agency annually. We respect their religious freedom, but then state money is worth giving to other agency that do not discriminate, thus serve in the best interest of children and teens in need of help.

  • RJ

    Just to be clear, this group has ties to the conservative Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, not the ELCA, which has been making some positive strides on gay issues as Queerty has previously reported.

  • matthew nalett

    Hello thanks for the great comments and thank you for posting the story here yeah to be honest with you i do not want to sue them i just want them to change there policy when it comes to safe and secure homes for wards of the state. IF the person(s) pass background checks, home inspection and everything else what is the problem? Then they shoot you down with a old executive policy regarding blatant discrimination total bullshit in my aspect.

    Me and my partner have been helping kenny for like almost 6 months now met him on the streets in june been dealing with this agency since then, now me and my partner are getting licensed through another agency instead and we will see what happens after that in regards to the person we been helping.


  • Jon Lashier

    @matthew nalett:

    Best of luck to you and your partner. It’s clear that you have the kid’s best interests at heart. I will never understand people who want to keep kids from safe, loving homes just because the people involved happen to be gay.

  • the crustybastard

    Mr. Nalett, you and Mr. Steinhauer’s willingness to selflessly generously love an unwanted child could teach a lot of Christians a valuable lesson about Christianity.

    Too bad they won’t learn it.

    They’re so convinced God’s testing gay people that they don’t even notice how utterly they’re failing.

  • matthew nalett

    thank you for your comments. I am trying to thank all websites and all positive feedback regarding our matters.

  • scribe

    @matthew nalett: I wish the best for your family… good luck, and god bless you

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