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Chip Tanner’s Sexy Fitness Routine That’s Keeping YouTube’s Double Standards In Check

Because you loved his gratuitous nearly nude YouTube dancing last time, allow us to reintroduce you to gay adult film star Jamie Stroud (aka Chip Tanner). Last time we saw Jamie, he was humping the air with Nick Dent (aka Reese Rideout). This time around he’s enlisted Travis James to make the Internet’s dumping ground for cat videos a more equitable place for men who also like working out with tight camera shots. Because if the lady videos aren’t getting yanked, surely Chip and Travis’ efforts must remain too.

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  • Riley

    My two favorite Randy Blue boys!

  • Spike

    More of these videos and less of Davey Wavey!!!! BTW, he makes a very ligit point in everyone of this his videos regarding YouTube’s policies, they are well produced, btm line, twink prono boys with a brain, who knew they existed?!!?

  • Jay P

    Um I doubt its a “gender equality” issue as it is a “ew gays” issue. I bet the reason why almost-naked girls are allowed is probably because most of the people running YouTube are probably straight men (maybe some lesbians too then I guess).

    However, this was amazingly funny.

  • Ian

    I like to think that these videos will make just a few heterosexists stop & think ;)

  • jason

    I think it’s fantastic that men are finally exposing the frauds and hypocrisies of females. It’s way overdue. Gay men are at the forefront of this because gay men, in a way, have become the victims of feminism. Feminism basically encourages women to exploit freedoms that are not available to men.

    You only have to look at elements of American culture. If you walk down a street, why is it that women are allowed to wear pants or dresses whereas men are allowed to wear only pants? By “allowed”, I mean social allowance, the unwritten rules that society abides by.

    Also, why is that that women are allowed to get into mainstream nightclubs and bars while wearing very little clothing? If a man attempted to get into these clubs and bars, he’d receive a sermon from the doorman or doorwoman about not abiding by the dress code. He would be refused entry, basically.

    American society has evolved into a very ugly double standard that is harmful to gay and bisexual men.

  • Jeffree

    @jason: By “females” do you mean “women”? Or are you referring to other species as well?
    — — —
    More videos like this, please. Less RaveyDiva, also.

  • Soupy

    I think it’s great. And it’s very clever to insert the videos that they are imitating. An interesting social experiment. Please do not assume that I have become a Jason acolyte or part of the Russian clown mob.

  • san

    to be fair, the girls do have a bit more cloth than the guys do.

  • scribe

    @san: not really, you see that chick’s ass? that was dental floss!

  • Javier

    Why do Randy Blue models wear such girlie underwear? If they are supposed to be a counterbalance to female babe fitness videos, perhaps they should present themselves as masculine hunks instead of prancing girly men.

  • Chupa Chups


    Yes! Only fashion on male bisexuality will bring freedom to gay guys!

  • Lesbian from the communist China


    please, lick the crap from my ass!

  • Chupa Chups


    Another theme is the surrogacy for gay couples. They are against it. Feminist movement is the vile hypocritical movement!

  • alan brickman

    More “O” face dudes!! LOL!!

  • scott ny'er

    chip rules. he’s crazy but in a good way.

  • mike128

    @jason: does anyone really believe that feminism oppresses gay men? really?

  • Joe

    @mike128: Feminism oppresses women more than gay men.

  • Antonio

    @Jeffree: what do you think stupid?

  • Ed McGraw

    I don’t work out but I would to their video

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