Chris Christie Wants to Be Governor of New Jersey. And Ban Gay Marriage


Don’t confuse New Jersey gubernatorial hopeful Chris Christie with Florida Gov. Charlie Crist. Sure, their names sound similar. And yes, both are (lower case h) heterosexual. And neither of them like the gays very much. But while Crist — who called civil unions for gays “fine” — backed off support for Florida’s constitutional ban on gay marriage (which passed anyhow), Jersey’s Christie is going gung-ho over the possibility!

Christie is hoping to wrest the Governor’s Mansion away from Jon Corzine, who recently became gay marriage’s biggest fan in a hilariously transparent stab at votes. (Corzine has also kept busy making fun of Christie’s weight.)

So how to stand apart? By playing Corzine’s foil: “If you’re going to make that type of groundbreaking societal change [like legalizing same-sex marriage], people should get the chance to vote on it.”

Which is why Christie and NJ’s Republicans are backing a ballot vote. But it’s not like Christie is some terrible bigot who wants to infringe on all your rights! He’s, uh, fine, with you getting civil unioned. Really!

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