Rule Britannia

Christmas comes early with two more adorable gay-inclusive ads


It’s a weird way to measure civil rights, but there’s something undeniably lovely about the simplicity of including some gay dads in an ad.

Two British companies managed to squeeze queer parents into TV commercials: the first was Sainsbury, which features all different kinds of diverse families, including two dads, two moms, and an interracial family. It’s stop-motion, features James Corden singing, and is surprisingly pretty.

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A statement from the company read, “We wanted to reflect a modern Britain and a diverse Britain. That’s what we feel like we’ve done throughout the whole piece of work. We’ve made sure we’ve got a true reflection of what we see out there every day.”

And now, a new ad from Thomas Cook features two more gay dads and their bundle of kids. There’s also a very fleeting — like, less than a second — shot of two shadowy figures kissing, and they sure do look like men. That seems to have been confirmed by the company, since according to their marketing director: “I think marketers can always do more to represent the needs of the consumer and that’s what we’ve tried to do with the gay kiss. It comes down to the needs of our customers and addressing a modern population.”

Well, hooray for all that. Now go out and kiss someone for Christmas!

Watch both ads below: