Clay Cane Wonders, “Is Wendy Williams Anti-Gay?”

No doubt radio shock jockette Wendy Williams courts an enormous fan base, many of them gay. One gay fan, journo Clay Cane, wonders whether or not Williams’ and her crew are slipping into routine homophobia:

…I noticed the “gay lingo” in Wendy’s banter–obviously she was inspired by the “kids”… I enjoyed her and she consistently declared her support for the gays, back when it wasn’t popular.

Around the time Wendy became nationally syndicated, I noticed her “support” for the gay community seeming to waver. For example, one time she was chatting about the Harlem Boys Choir, insinuating she would never allow her son to join the choir because there were too many “how you doings” [Williams’ slang for the gays] and she didn’t want her son to be molested…

Sure, Williams’ words aren’t the kindest, but maybe it’s just part of her drag act. Give her a dick and she’s Flotilla DeBarge. Only more homophobic. And rich.