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Clint McCance Resigns From School Board In Disgrace: ‘I’m Sorry I’ve Hurt People’

Clint McCance, the Midland School Board Member in Arkansas who called on fags to “commit suicide” on Spirit Day, is resigning his post — the only way to immediately get rid of him.

Speaking to Anderson Cooper Thursday night, McCance said, “I’m sorry I’ve hurt people with my comments. I’m sorry I made those ignorant comments and hurt people on a broad spectrum. … I would never support suicide for any kids. I don’t support bullying of any kids.”

Which is the exact opposite of what he advocated on Facebook, writing, “I also enjoy the fact that they often give each other AIDS and die.”

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  • Jack

    What a dick… It’s a good thing he will no longer have any say in their education system.

  • scott ny'er

    a poster from CNN ( said it best:

    “…please, he does not regret the comments he made.

    He regrets being caught.

    His diatribe was not a one-off snarky remark or poorly-considered joke, but a discourse on his lack of sensitivity toward homosexual children, on his wish for homosexual children to kill themselves, and for his plan to disown his own children if they came out as homosexual.

    He’s not misunderstood; rather, he is all too well understood.

    Good riddance.”

  • Jeffree

    Goodbye & Good riddance!
    I doubt McCance had any input into his “apology” and so he just repeated lines that the attorneys wrote for him.

    I hope that this sad episode in the Midland School District isn’t too quickly forgotton. The students need and deserve to have their school live up to the anti-bullying policies.

    I hope too that other schools take this as a wake up call, so they can assure a safe learning environment.

    Last, we all should pay at least some attention to school board elections in our towns/counties/cities, because even if we might not have sons/daughters attending school now/yet/ever, those LGBT students need local communities to make sure that the schools are goverened by adults who are responsible and fair-minded.
    (and who avoid the word “thereselves”!)

  • David

    He’s a stain on the fabric of humanity. He’s not sure if he’ll use the words fag and queer in the future. Also not sure if he will run his kids out of town in the future. Monster.

  • Fitz

    Soon he will have a lucrative job at Fox “News”

  • SpiffyShindigs

    Yeah, I’m not gonna accept this apology. Hollow words. There was no way to misinterpret what he said, and no way he could have meant that in any other way than the obvious.

    So a hearty “fuck you” to Mr. McCance.

  • tjr101

    This loser is only sorry he wasn’t smart enough to keep his ignorant opinions to himself.

  • ewe

    He did not ask for forgiveness. Some christian he is. HA. Exactly what was his intention and what type of language should he have used instead? Straight white male entitlement completely in the dark about anyone outside of his own circle. The only good thing is he is resigning.

  • ouaisOut

    Hollow words for sure. He’s sorry he was caught.

    Still, I’m glad that he’s gone. And so quickly. I was imagining a real battle to get rid of this guy since he occupied an elected seat. From what I’d read of his electorate, he would have stood a mighty good chance of being re-elected even had he been running against an opponent.

    I touched on this in a previous post, but I think there were skeletons that he didn’t want to see pulled out of his closet. In reading through the many comments on the Midland High site and Fire Him Facebook page, there were a number of comments posted by supposed locals that eluded to his drinking problems and some suggestions that his fists do inappropriate things when he’s drunk.

    Who know what else was in that closet. So I think he got out quick before he got pushed out. And not by his electorate.

    Like they say: Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Devon

    Translation: Well, sucks that those fags are so sensitive about being told to kill themselves. Sucks that I offended you. Sorry I never figured out how to make my Facebook private.

  • Comixbear

    “Gee, I’m so gosh-golly sorry that I offended anyone! I was taken out of context when I said that gay people should get AIDS and die, and when I said that I would wear purple when all gay kids kill themselves, it was said with love!
    “You don’t buy that? Well it was the Democrats then! Just ask Christine O’Donnell!!”

  • Janet

    Words are cheap Clint, you’ve got to back them up with actions before anyone believes you.

    For now, you are still a bigot, and not even a smart one at that. Honestly, you thought you could post these on your facebook page, with your real name and didn’t think anyone would call you on it?

  • Casey

    Clint McCance looks like my stereotyped view of a wife-beating alcoholic.

    I’m not saying that he is a wife-beating alcoholic.

    He certainly looks like one though.

  • Cam

    Oh Please, he meant what he said on Facebook, he even responded to some of the comments. He is just reading off whatever script the schoolboard attorney gave him.

  • Jake the libertarian

    Fuck him. Apology not accepted.

  • Jake the libertarian

    He keeps talking about his “harsh language” like his message was ok, but the way he said it was wrong. Well this FAGGOT would like to kick the shit out of him. I’ve dealt with redneck dumb fucks like him my whole life. I’d love to get him alone for a few minutes and I’d teach him a few things about HARSH REACTIONS!

  • Comixbear

    And if you watch his interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN’s website, you can tell by his comments towards the end that he hopes that this will die down and he can be voted back on the board in the future. If that happens, then we are all in sorry shape. I hope he finds something to do that doesn’t warp children in the future.


    Please he was sorry only that his words were broken publicly. When asked if he would still use words that slander Gays like “Fag” he replied, thats in the future, we’ll see. Asked if he would still throw his kids out and disown them if they came out to him, he replied I’d have to see. Basically he was sorry he got caught, his vile thoughts and feelings are still the exact same as they were prior to the disclosure of his posts. He even stated, he would consider returning to the school board, if the people voted him back in. Man is nothing but a stain on humanity……………..

    Fuck him, Queerts missed reporting on part of the show which really got to me. That was the interview with Asher Brown’s parents. Stewing, simmering rage at this vile reprehensive scumbag was so clearly present in grieving Ashers Father. These people who only weeks ago lost their 13 year old son to suicide because of scumbags like McCance. Ashers Father gave him and all the other rightwing lunatic scumbags the most potent verbal bitchslap I ever heard. He said these people have no right to proclaim themselves as “good Christians” the lord he states that all persons must love others unconditionally regardles of any factors. He said there is no way their acts and words can be considered Christian like………*Perfect*.


    Anyone else’s thumbs up/down feature not working????

  • Jeffree

    @ PlaysWell:
    You’re right! Thumbs up/down feature stopped working last night.
    Queerty needs to get “thereselves” into gear, please!


    @Jeffree: J..Glads you are back visiting Queertyland after your hiatus……….

    For the first time in Queerty history there is not a single post on this thread differing from the universal feelings of what a total complete vile scumbag this ass is and that he can take his crocodile tears apology and stick it up his ass…….

  • scott ny'er

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Good. I hate the stupid thumbs down/up feature. I wouldn’t mind it if it didn’t hide thumbs down posts.


    @scott ny’er: Yea but for once I finally wanted to give every single post a thumbs up, kinda a historical moment here! :p

  • scott ny'er

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: the “we’ll see” about whether he’ll use those words again… that’s very telling.

    i will give this dude credit for appearing on AC and apologizing. Either he’s too dumb, wants to do PR damage control, or is really sorry.

  • Soupy

    I’m sure that he is sorry. In the very limited way that his tiny mind can comprehend.

  • Kevin

    I’m glad this vile excuse for human DNA is out of policy-setting for a school district. I hope he goes back to fishing and never appears in public again. I completely agree. He’s not sorry at all. He’s sorry he’s become the posterboy for hate. What does gladden me a bit is that it seems that society is slowly, oh, so slowly, becomeing intolerant of the intolerant. He great “center” of American society is beginning to see these types in the same light as the KKK.


    @scott ny’er:

    He never once indicated he would never utter negative words towards Gays, never said he would not throw his own kids out on the street and disown them if they came out to him, He even stated he was sorry for the bullying based on “sexual gender” he could not bring himself to say “orientation” (or maybe he is just a more stoopid fuck than I figgered to even know the word orientation). Again he struck such a raw nerve here and recieved such a tsunaimi of negative reaction he had to “apologize” there was zero heartfelt emotions in his words and he never promised to change his wicked ways nor thoughts……

    And again to go back to Asher Brown’s Parents interview. If you can check it out on the internets I strongly urge you all to do so. I almost want to see a face to face meeting between Asher’s Father and this vile scumbag. The rage simmering inside him towards McCance was so clearly visable, as much as I would want him to eat his words, I fear Asher’s Father would most likely be facing severe charges for the so very deserving beatdown he would administer to that slug…………

  • ewe

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: I was really touched when Anderson Cooper himself said he would be praying for the couple he interviewed. That was so genuine, loving and from his heart. The rest of us have to support them with love as well so they can move forward and heal.

  • Soupy

    My point is that he is far too ignorant and lacks the self awareness to be able to define what he is sorry for.

  • Jeffree

    It’s good to know that there’s likely at least a few GLBT or questioning students in that school who realize that there are people in the town/ county/ state/ US who protested, made calls, sent letters, etc. on their behalf. That may not stop all bullying but at least it provides them some sense of relief from that feeling that they’re all alone in the world with no allies.

    @PlaysWell; Yep that part with Asher’s pop was a tear jerker and AC showed himself to be a class act!

  • Gary B.

    While I sincerely doubt he changed his views overnight (he even said he hasn’t changed his core beliefs), he does seem, at least on some level, genuinely bad for the comments he made. Obviously he probably wouldn’t be feeling that way if what he said didn’t get exposed, but still, I want to at least give him some credit for what seems like some level of sincerity.

    Regardless, the good news is that it’s given him something to seriously think about, and hopefully it has for a lot of people who view things as he does.

    Ultimately this is a step in moving gay rights forward, a painful step, but exposing this kind of bigotry must be done, and the fact that it’s so publicly frowned upon and is so widely covered can only be a positive in the long run…

  • Paul

    @Gary B.: I agree, this is the kind thing that needs to be brought out into the open. Hate Speak is horrific, but it does make people (including this dude) think. Will he change? He already has, forced to, albeit, but he has. Is he invited to my house for the holidays? Nope – but he’s been humbled for the time being – and he’s gotten a LOT of people thinking about what they might be thinking….

  • sebiv

    What a cop out. On both sides.

    The false sincerity just oozes form every pore of Clint’s body. Notice in his replies he is always talking about his ‘wrong comments’, the ‘wrong thing to say’ or the ‘wrong language’. The issue is not what he said, it’s his beliefs that led him to say it. Not once does he acknowledge ‘my views are wrong’.

    Instead, he tries to justify saying ‘I’m glad gay people give AIDS to each other and die’ with ‘I used the wrong language’. Well Clint, then what IS the right language for your hatred? You become less convincing with each squirm in your chair and every pained facial expression you make.

    I’m glad Anderson Cooper put him in this position, but I don’t feel he went far enough. Anderson should have called him out on this blatant faux apology. At the very least, asked ‘why have your views changed so dramatically in the space of a few days?’. The average viewer comes away from this interview with the feeling of ‘oh ok he said sorry, the world is balanced again’. Meanwhile Clint is seething, brewing hatred, thinking ‘fucking faggots got me fired’.

  • patrocles34

    Speak to people in the language they understand: It is asking alot of someone like a Clint McCance to have a St. Paul-on-the-road-to-Damascus “white light” crisis of conscience over his actions, especially so soon after the fact. He does not seem capable of a sincere response to moral outrage from others. In private, he probably thinks he is a victim.

    What he does seem to understand, however, is the more primitive emotions of fear — fear of public embarrassment, fear of physical harm to his family, fear of loss of income or elected status. So it may be what we have to settle for, at this time. This in NO WAY endorses any extra-legal action against McCance. It simply recognizes the incentives that ACTUALLY guide the public behavior of people like him. Some people need jail. Some people need public humiliation and fear. So be it.

  • CurtinNLR

    Unfortunately our Local newspaper, in Little Rock AR, took issue with Anderson Cooper’s questioning. In an editorial the paper said Anderson was bullying the bully, by asking him the questions he asked and not accepting this asshole’s appology at face value!!! What a joke! Just when I start to think the south is making a little progress something or someone like this comes along and puts me right back in my place!

  • CurtinNLR

    @patrocles34: unfortunatly he doesn’t just think he is a victim. Je is being told he is a victim, by our local newspaper and by members of his community. His church, friends and famly are all supporting his hate speach and these “awful attacks on him!”

  • lizcivious

    This clown is just trying to save his lowly, ignorant ass. I’m sure he will always hate gays as much as he ever did. What does he mean by saying that his language was harsh or that his words were wrong? Should he have said, “It is unfortunate that we have been called upon to don purple hues in honor of homosexual children who have killed themselves. We should be rejoicing that these gay children are ridding us of their future pathetic lifestyles. I am so glad that homosexuals cannot procreate and feel so satisfied that they contract AIDS and expire.” Same hate, different, less harsh choice of words.

    He was probably drunk out of his vile mind when he typed out the crap on his Facebook page. Nevertheless, he meant every word of it. How a fool like this could ever have been elected to the school board in the first place is mind boggling. How he thinks people will forgive and forget and elect him again in a few years is also mind boggling. He needs to forever go into hiding along with his wife and kids who he claims have received threats. Now, he’s playing the victim card and trying to make us all feel guilty for being so outraged and “blowing it all out of proportion.” He was obviously incapable of thinking of the consequences of his disgusting actions.

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