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This clip of a teenage Pete Buttigieg is going viral for all the right reasons

Pete Buttigieg‘s recent takedown of Ron DeSantis reminded viewers that the Transportation Secretary can speak intelligently on many more issues than just our chaotic airline industry (though he can certainly do that, too).

“Brilliant” was a common word in the thousands of comments on the DeSantis clip, and now one member of Team Pete has taken the opportunity to show just how articulate and insightful he’s always been.

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Twitter user @chyeaok dug up a clip from Buttigieg’s freshman year in college, and it’s a far cry from most teenage discourse…or at least what we can remember of ours.

During a 2001 forum on George W. Bush’s first hundred days in office at Harvard’s Institute of Politics, then 19-year-old Buttigieg stepped up to the mic to address a panel that included former White House Communications Director David Gergen and New York Times political correspondent Richard Berke.

“Hi. My name is Peter Buttigieg and I’m a freshman here at the college. It’s my understanding from generations older than mine that most of the people in them who went into public service did so out of inspiration for a grand figure who was usually the American president,” the future presidential candidate said. “It seems like the presidency has now evolved into what’s called the MBA White House, or the corporate model.”

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“What’s happened to the image of the American presidency? And just because we know more about the men who were president, is that magic really gone forever?” he asked.

Sharing the clip, @chyeaok commented: “Welp since Pete Buttigieg is trending, I’ll reshare one of my favorite clips of young Pete asking a question at a college event. Don’t let anyone tell you he’s fake or doing an Obama impression or something. He’s literally always been this thoughtful and introspective.”


In a followup tweet, @chyeok provided the panel’s response:

The clip was a hit:

One commenter even supplied another impressive college Pete clip, this time as a sophomore shortly after 9/11:

And tumbling further down the rabbit hole, “there’s the eighth-grade Pete who wrote this award-winning essay about the need for law”:

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