Coming Out To Your Parents Can Be Tough, But What About Coming Out To Your Kids?

Often one of the hardest parts about coming out to someone is confronting their perception that you’ve been lying to them up until now.

Of course, that’s not the right way to look at it, but it comes up regardless.

That feeling can be magnified tenfold when a parent decides to come out to their child. Kids construct their whole realities based on familial surroundings, so anything that changes the equation can feel like life itself has turned upside-down.

We wanted to hear from gay parents who are working to be their true selves around their families — here’s what Whisper was able to dig up:

I always have the fear that my daughter will grow up to hate me because I'm gay and couldn't work with her mom.

I came out to my kids so I could be free to date men but I feel like I've already given up on love.

I just came out to the mother of my son that I'm gay. Surprisingly, she she understands.

I can't be with the man I love because I'm not courageous enough to tell my kids I'm gay.

I came out to my son as being gay and he said

I'm afraid if my kids find out I'm gay they will be embarrassed by me

I'm gay but married to my wife who I love. I chose to deny myself & my desires because Jesus paid my debt. Sometimes it's the hardest thing to do but my wife and kids are worth more than sex.

I haven't told my son I'm gay and I don't plan to anytime soon. I don't want him to think less of me.

I came out and was rejected by my family. Now my mom and ex girlfriend want to keep my daughter because they think I'll be a bad influence on her.

After my son was born I ended up coming out to my family. It's an uncomfortable situation, I know, but they're acting so hateful.

I'm gay but I don't want my kids to be. It's a hard life I hope they don't have to experience it this way.

I'm gay but several members of my family, including my daughter, have no idea. I'm tired of hiding.

I just told my son I'm gay and he said

One of my daughters refuses to speak to me because I'm gay. Nothing breaks my heart more.

My ex won't let me have my kids at my house because I'm gay.

My kids are the only reason I stay in my marriage but it's killing me. I'm gay and just want to be myself but I can't find a way in this life.

Today my son came out to my wife and I... little does he know, I'm gay as well