COMMENTS: Homophobes, Honor Rolls, Transformations, And Rush Limbaugh

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!


Screen-Shot-2013-01-11-at-1.46.09-AM-360x225“I’m certain that Jesus would be proud of this moron if there really were Invisible Sky Monsters.

When you want stupid go directly to religion, do not stop at reality, do not collect an IQ.

The reason Christianity appeals so strongly to idiots is because it removes any obligation to think about anything.”

Steve Rider, in NC Cafe Owner Gives Lesbian Customers Note Condemning Homosexuality

“Kudos to this young man and his teacher. As a teacher for 25 years, I took special interest of building up any and all students who had low self-esteem, self-image problems, or lacked communication skills with others. This was the most endearing part of my job, along with trying to make learning fun for the students. This man has a tremendous future ahead of him. I’m just happy he had the right teacher to make his best attributes shine!

“This is just gays playing the gay card. By “family,” the bowling alley manager meant kids. If you don’t want to be around kids, don’t go to a play ground, Chucky Cheese or, apparently, this bowling alley.”

Spike, in Was Gay Couple Discriminated Against, Or Being Royal Pains, In Texas Bowling Alley?


“Such a simple video but really powerful. I love the transformation in her expression most of all.

 BrianZ, in WATCH: A Transgender Woman’s 3-Year Transformation In Under Two Minutes


“You mean the same Rush Limbaugh who was caught with a suitcase full of Viagra coming back from a country well known for its child-prostitution trade? The thing I’ve always found most suspicious about that story wasn’t that he had boner-pills that weren’t prescribed to him but where he had them. Let’s just say I’d be very leery of letting him babysit.”

Caliban, in Rush Limbaugh: Left Will “Normalize” Pedophilia Like It Did Gay Marriage