Condoms Hard To Find In Prison

Prison guards may want to turn the other cheek when it comes to butt sex happening in the cell next to them, but the system is ignoring something larger and more dangerous than manlove by banning condoms in the prison system: HIV transmission. The official word is often that condoms could be used to smuggle drugs and are therefore not allowed to be given to prisoners. This forces prisoners who are concerned about spreading disease to find makeshift protection like rubber gloves.


And then there is the issue of those inmates serving life sentences who don’t care if they contract HIV as it would only shorten their time in the clink.

Some states have protection available by request to married couples in jail and other states have it available for openly gay men, but with so many prisoners, gay and straight, having unprotected sex, there obviously needs to be a more comprehensive distribution of protection. Prison may be about punishment, but not every criminal deserves the death sentence.

Activists Fight for Basic Safe-sex Options for Prisoners [The NewStandard]