Court smacks down ex-gay preacher, rules Vimeo can ban his videos

James Domen. Via YouTube

A federal appeals court has ruled against self-described “former homosexual” minister James Domen, the pastor of Church United in Southern California. Domen had sued the popular video hosting site Vimeo for flagging and removing his videos which promoted conversion therapy.

The Blaze reports that the appeals court made its ruling based on Section 230, a provision in the law that prevents liabilities by tech companies for hosting content from outside parties on their websites.

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In 2018, Domen had his videos promoting what he calls “sexual orientation change efforts,” or SOCE–another name for conversation therapy–deleted by the site for violating terms of use. Vimeo has banned all videos promoting conversion therapy, deeming them harmful for viewers. Vimeo had previously flagged the videos and sent a warning to Domen that they violated website standards, which he ignored. The website then responded by deleting Domen’s account, as well as more than 100 videos.

Domen then sued, though he lost his case in January 2020. His loss in appeals court is just the latest blow to a career of already dubious distinction. On his website, Domen features images of himself with NFL player Tim Tebow and former Vice President Mike Pence. He also features a clip from an episode of The 700 Club of him detailing his struggle to accept his homosexuality and his claims that SOCE/conversion therapy allowed him to become straight by seeking and reveling in groups of masculine men.

Somehow, we’re skeptical.