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  • damien

    Kill me.

  • Cam

    He’s been hanging out with Alexis Arquette, you think she would have taught him how to use a lip liner.

  • The Milkman

    Girlfriend needs to get some powder and beat down that five o’clock shadow on her upper lip.

  • Lost

    She’s a legend in her own mind.

  • Rsquared

    I’m not going to Ms. Chris Crocker.

    And shouldn’t a voice of a generation have something to say?

  • Eminent Victorian

    You know what could have helped you, “bitch”? SCHOOL!

    Hilariously pathetic. God save grandparents’ basements in Tennessee!

  • Imelda

    We have a word for this: C**t

  • CitizenGeek

    Chris Crocker is -not- a voice of this generation. At all. He is a pathetic attention whore. That said, I can’t help but be interested in him. But only in the way that I’d be “interested” in a train wreck or a car crash.

  • AlanReeser

    Euthanasia really would do this body good.

  • Chris Crocker Sucks Shit

    Seriously. After his “Leave Britney Alone” mess who the fuck has paid attention to him? He’s so 2007 it’s not even funny.

    No one cares about you Chris. You’re just a hot tranny mess who’s not even hot. You’re just a mess. You need to grow the fuck up.

  • Alacer

    he said crisises. twice. a little bell should have gone off in his head during the taping of this video. something like “oh god, my life has amounted to nothing” sort of thing. crisES! god…

  • emb

    I was tempted, but only tempted, and only briefly, to click on that li’l black arrow, but then sanity reasserted itself, so I have no idea what this creature had to say.

    My day is better for that.

  • Joseph

    Ok, I’m all for expressing yourself but she’s a train wreck. And, umm, an education would have taught her that “Ms.” is pronounced “Mizzzz”. “Miss” is pronounced “Miss”. Funny how that works…

  • Scooter Bangs

    Wow, i thought it was that sad old hooker who was suing her husband for her NYC apt. Seriously. If this kid ever gets a real job he should play her in a YouTube Movie of the week. 8 minutes and all filmed with a web cam. I can’t tell the Youtube trannies apart anymore.
    Who the hell is this freak anyway? I hope his speedy slurring and ego mania is the result of a drug problem. You can go to reHab for meth. you can’t do anything for stupidity.

  • Jack Jett

    I never knew he had been viewed by hundreds of millions. He is like a gay Zamfir.

  • Gavin

    God, Chris Crocker USED to be funny (at least part-time) before his Britney video blew up. Now all of his videos are completely unwatchable. News flash: you’re not famous! The masses of humanity aren’t carefully studying your every move! It’s funny to me that as he becomes less and less self-aware, he becomes more and more self-righteous.

  • Rikard

    There used to be something touching about this kid when his posts were honest rants about what he was feeling. He looks so high and strung out now that I don’t think he can feel anything. That creature is a zombie stalker looking for a live celebrity to feed on now that Brinnie is on ice.

  • Smokey Martini

    Ooooh, I just cringed with The Ms. repeated
    ‘crisises’ over, and Over, and OVER again!

    It’s “CRISES,” bitch!

  • Tony

    He is probably the MOST irritating human being on this planet. Completely blows me away that people have sunk so low to be enthralled in this pointless image obsessed form of entertainment.


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