CT Gay Nups Coming Soon….

Good news for all your queer Connecticut love birds!

Now that the state’s Supreme Court has given the green light to gay marriage, lawyers and their ilk are making all the preparations necessary to getting same-sex nuptials up and running:

A lawyer involved in the case say paperwork will delay any actual ceremonies until next month.

Bennett Klein says while people are excited to get married and want to do it as soon as possible, Connecticut needs new license forms that reflect the decision.

Klein is an attorney with the Boston-based group that sued the state on behalf of Connecticut same-sex couples.

Tuesday’s official publication of the high court’s decision sends the case back to New Haven Superior Court.

The Superior Court is to issue orders to town clerks and public health departments that give them the go-ahead to distribute marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Yeah, a month may seem like a long time, but just think of how long we’ve waited. What’s another few weeks going to hurt? This gives you time to beef up your registry! Update: State officials are saying nuptials could start as soon as November 10th. Hoorah!

(This is all assuming, of course, that Connecticut’s conservatives don’t vote on a Constitutional Convention and screw the whole thing…)