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Cyrstal Bowersox’s Lesbian Rumors Are Finally Here!

Crystal Bowersox, the 24-year-old American Idol runner-up, has engaged in lesbian sexual acts, a breathless new report claims!

The dreadlocked Ohio native said “she had at least three lesbian affairs – and boasted to a girlfriend she was seducing: ‘I’m a pro at this, baby!’ the National Enquirer can’t help itself from reporting. While two of them were just about the sex, one of her lesbian paramours was part of serious LESBIAN RELATIONSHIP ZOMG.

Meanwhile, she has a gay brother named Carl, and you know what they say about gays and twins …

Have we finally got enough gay and gay-ish Idol alums to form a specialized society?

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  • Lamar

    WOW, it seems like people should be presumed gay unless proven straight rather than the other way around LOL.

  • jake

    i been waiting for the American Idol runner-up gay rumors to start!

    do we have photos this time too?

  • Lightspeed

    National Enquirer, aka Mullet Wrapper, has been trying long and hard to find some dirt on Crystal to sell their scandal rag to someone else besides the bums that use it to wipe their asses with. Drinking, smoking weed, and sexual experiencing with girls. Stop the presses. You have just described 70 percent of the high school girls in the United State.

  • Lightspeed

    I don’t care about this womans past, I want her CD and I want it now! Crystal’s music/lyrics sound is addictive and I need my Crystal fix.

  • jason

    Oh, puh-lease, this is just another marketing ploy from a no-talent female pop singer claiming she dabbled in lesbianism. Cue Madonna, Britney, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga….the list is endless. I guarantee you that all these women will be happily married to males soon, if they aren’t already.

    Females have a knack for lying and faking their sexuality. Fuck off, girls.

  • scott ny'er


  • Samwise

    I thought we’d advanced beyond the point where simply being gay (or bisexual) was scandalous. OH MY GOD, she might be romantically linked to a girl who had a SERIOUS LESBIAN RELATIONSHIP. I bet they even went to the FARMER’S MARKET together, those sick, deviant weirdos! I heard they HELD HANDS AT THE MOVIE THEATER which is totally crazy and messed-up because BOTH OF THEM HAVE VAGINAS. People have to get tired of holding up this double standard sometime, right? I mean, all that shock and outrage takes energy.

    Anyway, this is the first I’ve ever heard of this girl and I want to know if anyone else thinks she kind of looks like a younger, hippier version of Jewel.

  • QueertyIsStrait

    Qeerty and the Enquirer are true worthless assholes

  • Satsuma

    @jason: Lady Gaga’s actually said that her long-term relationships have always been with men, although she’s as happy to have sex with a girl as a guy. I mean… she’s never claimed to be lesbian, you guys.

    That said– it took this long with Crystal? I don’t watch Idol, but Miz Bowersox looks almost exactly like one lesbian I know, so I think I’d already made the unconscious assumption.

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