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This dad couldn’t be prouder of his homophobic 10-year-old daughter

Oh, here’s something to be mad at: The Reddit community is currently poring over a comment left by some fawning father who couldn’t be prouder of his floridly homophobic 10-year-old daughter.

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“My daughter just came up to me yesterday,” he writes, “and said she was never watching this show again.”

“When I asked why, because she loves watching these extremely stupid kid shows (she’s 10), she said ‘because there is this boy that has a crush on another boy’.

Now I don’t really have a problem with gay folks, and have several gay friends and have offered them my full support with marriage and whatever because this is a free country where people should be allowed to pursue their own happiness, regardless of how abnormal it may be,  long as it doesn’t affect me or others, and I have never pushed any ‘anti-gay’ stuff on any of my kids, but it was an extremely proud moment for me that my 10 year old daughter is able to recognize on her own the way the media pushes the gay agenda on our children.”

We imagine this mordantly malignant miscreant is talking about Disney Channel’s Andi Mack.

Redditors have been quick to pounce on the offhand comment, as well as the experimental punctuation:

One commentator introduced us to the term “yestergay,” which we’ve never heard before today:

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  • Stache

    Kids will always think that showing any affection is gross.

    I love how he throws out the I have gay friends line and immediately calls them abnormal and is proud of his daughter for hating gays as much as he does. As if she never got it from him in the first place despite his BS. He needs a mirror.

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    i wonder how his ‘abnormal’ gay ‘friends’ feel about him now? those are going to be some rather awkward block parties/barbecues/picnics/get-togethers from now on. actually i think there’ll be a lot of invitations lost in the mail.

    • jjose712

      He has no gay friends for sure.
      Everytime someone says he has gay (black, asians, insert any minority here) friends you better be prepared for the atrocity that came after that

    • radiooutmike

      Isn’t it such a great line? I also like the comment about he never pushed anti-gay stuff on his child. He would have to, with his abnormal comment.

  • Artiewhitefox

    Gays are showing that gay is not bad. That is what they are doing. They are not thinking themselves as being better than another person. They are not working ill to anyone. The gays are honest. They keeps all of the laws of God. Can’t people look for good praising it? There is going to be the marriage supper of the lamb. Males and females will be married to Jesus. People against the gays don’t know their own Bible.

  • Creamsicle

    I’m actually fine with this as long as they can keep their personal disapproval to themselves and not allow it to affect their professional relationships. I don’t need to be friends with someone who thinks of my entire life as an abnormality. I like to think that the friends I make see me as a person who deserves happiness regardless of what political changes need to be made to accommodate that.

    Of course people who think this way can very rarely keep their prejudices from slipping into every aspect of their lives, which is likely how his daughter formed her opinion of boys liking other boys. If she hadn’t been raised by a bigot it’s unlikely that it would have bothered her in principle since kids tend to be more accepting of gay men and women in their lives than any adult.

  • paljim

    Maybe he should be more concerned that his daughter likes watching “extremely stupid kid shows” than the fact that one of them seems to be pushing the ‘gay agenda’.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    In only eight more years, she and Kim Davis can spread their love throughout the world. “Vulgar Latin? No, ma’am, Rosetta Stone has no such language listed. Try Romania.”

  • Danny595

    lol. It’s an obviously fake post. The poster thinks the story will have more impact if the imaginary child objects on her own.

    The entirety of this Andi Mack thing consists of a single scene lasting all of one minute in which a boy character admits to having a crush on another boy. That same gay character was obviously crushing on the other boy and this was shown repeatedly over the course of about a year. It wasn’t subtle at all. So the “big reveal” was no surprise to anyone who watched the show. The idea of some young girl getting all outraged and dumping the show on her own is just a fantasy of some Christian rightwinger.

  • simulations

    From what she said, sounds like she’s anti-boy, not anti-gay. Looks like you have a lil lesbian on your hands!

  • irbaboon

    Why do these people always say they have gay friends? Just who are the gay friends of these people?

    • Heywood Jablowme

      “Just who are the gay friends of these people?”

      Danny595, Jaxton/Brian, mhoffman953, Brody/Mo Bro, Kaiser von Scheiss, batesmotel, o.codone…

    • Tobi

      @Heywood Jablowme – ok, that’s one person. ;)

    • 1EqualityUSA

      clever, Tobi. good one


    I’m not homophobic. I have gay friends.

  • Daniel-Reader

    Translation: she had a crush on the boy before he came out and now she doesn’t like the idea that boys she might like in the future might not be interested in her at all. Sounds like a 10 year old with an ego from a dad telling her she is the end all be all.

    • ShaugnR

      She’s just starting what daddy says at home when ever daddy’s ‘gay friends are gone’. The homophobia doesn’t fall from the tree.

  • MaxTaste

    I have a 10-year-old son. I volunteer during their lunch period. From what I overheard, the boys don’t watch the show. They find it to be a “girl” show. he girls in his class thought the storyline was cool. No objections.

  • IWantAFullBeard

    Is that picture a picture of the dad and daughter or a stock picture? Because I guarantee that guy in the picture has bent over more than once.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      He may be there

  • GayEGO

    Oh, the little girl thought the boy was cute and would like her, not another boy, so she had a hissy fit! :>)

  • DCguy

    Funny how he doesn’t have ANY problems with lgbts and yet “Couldn’t be prouder” of his daughter for being a bigot.

    That would be like a a Football coach claiming he didn’t like Football but was proud of his child for making the team.

    This is the right wing trying to fight back against the popular saying that bigots aren’t born they’re made. Typical Troll bait.

  • BriBri

    And the irony is she’ll turn out to be a labia lapper.

  • nitejonboy

    You smack the shit out of her and send her to her room without supper…how dare she have an opinion about something at her age.

  • Tombear

    That little girl and her father are perfect examples of why abortion should be kept convenient, legal and free!

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