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DADT Survey Reveals: Majority Of Soldiers Don’t Give a Freakin’ Crap About Serving With Gay Comrades

Results from the Pentagon’s $4.5 million survey asking troops about repealing DADT — which was marred both by low response rates and forcing soldiers to speculate if they knew any ‘mos — are leaking out, and they suggest American troops actually might deal with openly gay soldiers just fine. Duh.

While the Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sen. Carl Levin says he never wanted results of the survey to be made public, even he knew that was a pipe dream. And with the polling period having wrapped, and research firm Westat tallying and preparing the data, some preliminary findings:

• Most soldiers say they’d have no problem serving and living with comrades they know to be.
• Many troops “strongly objected” to the idea that they would quit the military if DADT was repealed, but a majority did not.
• Many soldiers said if they do have questions about a gay soldier, they will feel comfortable speaking to that person directly, though some did say they would go up the chain of command with a complaint.
• The Marines had the highest number of respondents saying they would have issue with gays — and no wonder. If they’re listening to their chief Gen. James Conway, they know homosexuals are just disgusting.

In sum, American soldiers as a whole are responsible, highly trained professional adults. As we always expected.

The president will receive a final report Dec. 1.

On Rachel Maddow‘s program, NBC News’ Richard Engle revealed some of the results.