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Dan Choi Checking Himself Into Mental Health Care Facility After ‘Breakdown’

Dan Choi, the lieutenant and Iraq veteran, has checked himself into a veteran’s hospital facility for mental health treatment. He writes in an open letter: “I did not initially want to publicize this but I now realize it is critical for our community to know several things: veterans gay or straight carry human burdens, Activists share similar burdens, no activist should be portrayed as super human, and the failures of government and national lobbying carry consequences far beyond the careers and reputations of corporate leaders, elected officials, High powered lobbyists, or political elites. They ruin lives. My breakdown was a result of a cumulative array of stressors but there is no doubt that the composite betrayals felt on Thursday, by elected leaders and gay organizations as well as many who have exploited my name for their marketing purposes have added to the result. I am certain my experience is not an isolated incident within the gay veteran community.”

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  • jak

    He has taken this fight so much to heart and has personalized it to such an extent I feared for his well being. I am happy he has sought help instead of doing anything drastic. Get well, soon, Lt. Choi, and I’m sure you will come out of this a stronger person and soldier.

  • reason

    He should have checked in a long time ago, I am happy he is finally seeking treatment for his illness. His often erratic behavior was a sign that something was not right, after that MSNBC interview it was much clearer. The downside is this illness may have consequences on his ability to reenlist once DADT is repealed.

  • TwlightoftheDogs


    No bodies like yourself judging real men like Dan. Not going to happen.

  • Jack

    Unfit to serve. Last thing we need is 4 inch dicks in the military.

  • Black Pegasus

    That angry republican bitch needed Mental Health Care long ago!
    Going on talk shows making himself look like a fucking buffoon who refuses to understand the FACTS and the PROCESS involved in repealing DADT.

    After Chris Matthews on MSNBC exposed him as the rabid angry bitch he is, I was so done with him! Calling the President a Hate Monger and Homophobe will not garner my sympathies Dan..

  • Joe

    All Obama cool aid drinkers are the ones who must have pushed him over the edge.
    He got a lot of grief for holding Obama up to his promises.

    Obama is the result of a Benetton ad gone wrong. Just because the guy is black doesnt make him a decent person.

    That man is evil to the core.

    A war monger, and definitely anti gay.

    Shame on you Barry!

  • John C

    I met Dan when he helped to campaign against Question 1 in Maine. He was a warm but committed man. I wish him all the best in his recovery.

  • RomanHans


    First, criticize all the people who haven’t done anything for gay rights.

    Then think about criticizing Dan Choi.

  • Kev C

    Dan did the right thing. Soldiers that has similar problems should follow his example and get medical help for their mental health.

  • Tony

    I’m not surprised.

    I hope he is getting high quality care, and I wish him the best.

  • Gene

    Apparently Lt. Choi has been involuntarily been admitted to a Veterans Administration mental hospital. This brings to mind echos of when the KGB incarcerated trouble makers and dissidents in mental hospitals in Russia. . . . .

  • hmmm

    @Black Pegasus: For realz? He’s Republican? I genuinely don’t know and won’t spend more than the 10 seconds I already did trying to google the perfect search terms.

  • jurlesia

    lt. dan choi is a brave and courageous man. sending warm wishes..

  • Qubified

    It’s not easy to admit that one needs help and to seek it. Whether you agree with Lt. Choi or not when it comes to his activism, I applaud him for having the courage to seek help. I wish him well, and hope that he finds all the help he needs.

  • 15 Minutes of Fame are UP

    When will this annoying publicity whore just go away?

    The dude is just cashing in off your gullibility.

    What a useless lightweight. Just like Obama.

  • Michelle

    Any gay man sitting on his ass behind a computer belittling this man should apologize to every other LGBT …one by one…with a personalized letter.

    This man stood up for what was right, and did so unapologetically, and did so relentlessly, and did so more than any of the trolls belittling him did. He spoke out and commited more of himself to this than our President could or would ever dream of doing.

    I voted for Obama, I gave him a chance, went out and put his name on the ballot as my choice to delegate the free world and he failed me so far. Your petty comments at someone who is fighting for you (on different levels, both on the battlefield he fought and in civil rights he fights) is not getting you any closer to marrying, donating blood, or seeing a gay friend openly serve in the military. It’s just being the instigator some of you are who love to pin gays against each other.

  • rrr

    It would be a huge amount of change and stress to come out so publicly, lose your job over it, become a major activist on an issue that’s been having a lot of highs and lows, and deal with fame all at the same time. He’s also said he was experiencing a real relationsip for the first time and as I recall his parents are not comfortable with his sexuality. Not surprising if it became too much.

  • Americans=Rightwingers (John From England)

    Roll eyes.

    You Americans are so hysterical and dramatic, just like an American movie!

    If Obama is evil, what about every last one of your presidents since the turn of the century?? What does it say about y country that you seem to ALWAYS have such EVIL presidents?

    Choi, a hero? If all it takes is to be obsesed and well paid about promoting a single issue amongst a vast community like the lgbt movement, then it says all you need to know about the American lgbt movement.

    Good luck getting anything done! Though if we are talking about success and well measurement, I assume most people on this blog went to school so understand how you analyse?

    Okay so surely chad griffin from AFER is more successful because he actually got prop 8 over turned?

  • Guyinhur

    @Americans=Rightwingers (John From England): Yes, Obama is our President so naturally the commander in chief is held responsible on matters in regard to …oh I don’t know…THE MILITARY. Tawt. Go get your teeth fixed.

  • jason

    I partly blame Obama for Choi’s breakdown. Obama is a fraud and a liar, a truly ugly person inside and out who thinks it’s fun to play with us in his wider political game. Never again will I vote for this creep in the White House.

  • Daez

    This media whore with a 10k speaking fee realized that the gay community was getting wise to his bull shit, so now he has to pull another stunt in order to make it look like he is a poor innocent victim in all of this.

    Dan Choi does a better job manipulating people into throwing cash at him than Sarah Palin does. Just wait till he gets out of rehab and stumbles into a book deal.

  • Daez

    @TwlightoftheDogs: What exactly makes him a real man? So far, all I’ve seen is his ability to play the victim. He need for attention and ability to play the victim consistently reeks of someone that trolls the bath houses looking for multiple partners on any given night to “make him feel better” not a “real” man.

  • Daez

    @RomanHans: Please tell me what exactly he has done for gay rights. His 10k speeches have done nothing for gay rights. His publicity stunts have done more harm than good. This man is more useful to the right wing nut cases as a scare tactic than he is to the actual cause of gay rights.

  • Daez

    @jason: Go ahead and vote for Sarah Palin in 2012. I’m sure she will do a lot for the cause. Its not like Obama did anything. Its not like he ordered the Department of Health to demand hospitals allow partners to see their loved ones (oh wait). Its not like he extended health benefits to the partners of all federal employees (oh wait).

    I mean, he spent the last two years trying to pass an amendment to outlaw gay marriage (oh wait, that was Bush who was like Palin light, but you are still willing to vote her in instead of Obama).

    Seriously, Obama has done more in two years than any president before him has ever done for the gay community and you want to call him anti-gay and criticize his job simply because he hasn’t kissed your ass enough and because things like repealing DADT take time. You want to bitch about him not signing executive orders that end the moment someone else is inaugurated and then you want to vote him out of office. Do you have any sense of logic at all?


    @DAEZ, Thank you! You pretty much summarized my thoughts! Obama is even being blamed for Lt. Choi’s mental issues? SMH

  • reason

    I don’t see what this has to do with Obama, it is about Dan Choi.
    Find it strange that anytime something is going on suddenly people are invoking the presidents name to place blame. Some people on here should seek help due to their overwhelming infatuation with Obama. Is he keeping you up at night? Is Obama preventing you from getting work done? Is he causing you to feel angry and unhappy all the time? These could be signs of serious medical conditions…

    I don’t see how being happy that he is seeking treatment is judgmental. His unquenchable lust to seek attention and sympathy maybe a sign of something gone amiss albeit from war or wherever. He said he didn’t want to publicize it but then goes out of his way to do exactly that, it is like being an anonymous donor and telling everybody that your the donor. What about the hunger strike? What ever happened to that? I remember all of the outcries and worries over Choi and he ended up eating as soon as he got hungry! Maybe he desires attention to avoid thinking about his war experiences, I don’t know but I hope the mental health professionals can help.


    @reason: So True, I mean, I respect the guy for his service. I respect any vet or soldier who has been out there fighting, but this guy was a bit ‘off’ most of the time. We can’t blame Obama for his illness, heck why not blame Clinton/Mr DADT then? Enough already

  • tjr101

    He did seem quite erratic during his interview with Chris Matthews. So much for chaining yourself to the White House fence, it hasn’t garnered a single extra vote in the US Senate.

    I can only wish him well.


    To all those above ^ ^ ^ ^ who have spewed venon on Choi: Please be so kind as to post exactaly what a single one of you have done to further any Gay cause……………..

    I am most certain most of you do nothing but sit behind a keyboard and make anonyomous posts casting hate towards someone who actully took a stand and tried to make a difference…………Gutless cowards

  • Doug Morrison

    Keep fighting for what you know is right Dan! Your a hero for standing up for all gay Americans, and although this fight can knock you down and beat you up, You’ll pick yourself up knowing we support you in this fight!!!


    I read else where that this was put in involuntarily ?


    I read else where that he was put in involuntarily ?

  • [email protected]

    Dan called me Monday morning to tell me about his hospitalization for emotional and physical exhaustion. He expects to be home by the end of the week, and, after a suitable rest, to be back on the frontlines in the battle for LGBT equality. Unsurprisingly, some who have made a cottage industry out of demonizing Dan for their own personal/professional aggrandizement—or simply to defend their Lord & Savior Obama Christ—have descended upon the story like vampire bats upon a wounded soldier. Nor am I surprised that this is porn for the herd of pathological Obamabots who regularly lurk here. Dan will be home soon and you’ll still be suffering from Stockholm and Beaten Wife syndromes attacking anyone in your own Community who dares criticize the head of your personality cult who doesn’t give a flying fuck about you.

    Having been involved in the issue of the military ban longer than many of you have been alive, and having been fortunate enough to personally know many of the Greats in our Movement—all Human—I can say with confidence that Dan is one of them, and without his many acts of courage and inspiration since outing himself in March of last year, the fight against the ban [regardless of how it turns out in the next several days] might have never gotten this far, might have gone the way the fight for ENDA did: nowhere. Many others have contributed, but Dan singlehandedly kept the cause alive without any formal organizational platform or support and while suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous lies, vilification, and concerted attempts to marginalize him. He is today’s Leonard Matlovich, I am honored to be his friend, and will be by his side when he returns to the field.


    When any of you ObamBATS have credentials anywhere close to those below to speak, get back to us.


    “Dan Choi is a hero.” – Cong. Patrick Murphy.


    “I firmly believe Lt. Choi to be a hero. He took on the U.S. Government and endured incredible pressures that few are willing to take on in an effort to make our military stronger. He sacrificed his career doing it. We owe him gratitude not only for his service to our nation, but his selfless sacrifice for our community.” – Keith Meinhold who outed himself in 1992 to fight the pre-DADT ban. His discharge was reversed by the courts, after which he served four years as an out gay man in the Navy before retiring honorably.


    “Dan: Your courage in the fight to repeal DADT is an inspiration to all gay, lesbian and bisexual men and women who don the uniform in defense of our nation. I know you will not let your discharge discourage you; your public voice on this issue has done much to attract the attention of our country and shine a very bright light on the onerous and discriminatory law that is DADT. Please continue to speak out forcefully; our fight is not over yet, as you know only too well.” – email from gay former Rear Admiral Alan Steinman who, after twenty-five years of service, became one of the most respected leaders in the fight to end the ban.

  • Daez

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: You are so right. I mean, after all, when I can find a way to exploit the gay community as Dan Choi, HRC and most Democrats have I will get right out there and do it. Until then, I think, if you consider their example, I am better off sitting on my ass behind my computer.

  • plantwomyn


    Its not like he extended health benefits to the partners of all federal employees (oh wait).

    Oh wait, he didn’t extend health benefits to ALL federal employees. Look it up Daez. Very few SS partners were included in Obama’s largess, in fact 99% were not included. See: Gill et al. v. Office of Personnel Management et al.

    So let’s not give credit where none is due.

  • Biff

    I shot and interviewed Dan during what was his first major public demonstration against Obama in Beverly HIlls of ’09.

    Being that I’m press, our paths have continued to cross. I can vouch for Dan being an incredibly intense and driven man. He is the son of an Evangelical preacher and I believe it shows in Dan’s work. He’s very fervent.

    I think his fervency can lead to him being a lonely man at times. I get what it is like to battle the Powers That Be. It’s easier for people to sit on the sidelines and take potshots at those who do.

    These battle take tolls on our souls. I wish Dan comes out a more integrated person.

    And Dan, thanks for the lift into the back of that flat-bed truck during a march down Hollywood Blvd.

  • Joe

    Dan I hope you read this and know that by far MOST of the LGBT community is with you.
    We appreciate how you’ve dedicated yourself to the cause.

    Many people do not want to place any blame at the feet of Obama.
    These people are living in denial.

    I for one and tired of all the gay suicides in this country. If our society didn’t marginalize gay people then this wouldn’t happen.

    People like “reason” and “daez” and “kathy” just want to keep the status quo and will never hold obama accountable. People like this have the blood of the tormented, bullied gay kids on their hands.

    you are just self hating ‘mos. only care about dogma and keeping the president accountable.

  • Jason SD

    It’s about time. Choi has a problem with the need for attention at all costs. His hunger strike should have sounded the alarms or his belief that he is “important.”

    Choi has become a sad side-show. His constant need for attention has not helped our community. We need sincere and coherent people to represent us – not attention seekers.

  • Joe

    @Jason SD: You get off your duff and represent the cause then!
    People like you who do nothing, besides sit in South Dakota and watch fisting videos all day, and then are critical of others who put themselves on the line.
    No one is perfect, and Dan never pretended to be.
    You think he joined the armed forces, with the sole intent of being kicked out for being gay, just to be a poster child for our cause?
    Hmmm, I don’t think so.
    He is a normal guy, with foibles just like the rest of us. What sets him apart is that he is man enough to defend our country, and then man enough to stand up for the most despised group within our nation.

    It’s amazing he was able to keep himself together for so long.
    The least people like you can do is to wish the best for a man who put himself on the line!

    Dan is more man than you Obama fanatics will ever be!

  • Mike

    @Lyndon Evans: BINGO! Give that man a prize. You are correct, this is a publicity stunt just like the hunger strike.

  • 15 Minutes of Fame are UP

    Can I also get paid $15K per speech, go on TeeVee and look important?

    Keep in mind, I do not want to bother with understanding how exactly DADT repeal would work or actually trying to change anyone’s mind who does not agree with me already. I just want to grandstand, puff myself up and be admired. That’s a lot more fun and less risk of getting harmed than fighting in Afghanistan. But I still need to keep up drama, tension and attention, so periodically I’ll be checking myself into rehabs. I feel very unhappy and depressed because my sacrifice of having to make $15K, instead of $50K per speech is not being appreciated.

    Where do I sign up?

  • [email protected]

    @15 Minutes of Fame are UP:

    As I don’t believe Dan has ever gotten $15k for a speech, you stink of another phony post by “Andrew W,” aka “Jennifer Q” aka the psychopath who like 99% of Dan’s lunatic attackers NEVER HAVE THE BALLS to even post using their real names. [In any case, groups WANT him to speak to them, whereas there’s no evidence anyone is even talking TO you except your Mama demanding you finally take a bath.]

    Cowards are cowards are cowards, slinging shit and bullshit from behind the safety of their keyboards while Dan has gone to jail AND risked a federal prison term for what HE believes in. WHY should anyone take seriously ANYTHING you write about anyone or anything? ANSWER: no one should.

    BTW: My last name is Bedwell, so put up or shut up, Cowards!


  • Jason SD

    @Joe: uhhhh, it’s San Diego, not South Dakota. There aren’t any gay people in South Dakota.

  • AttentionWhores

    Wait, Choi sent out a Press Release announcing his breakdown? That’s just crazy. Which I guess makes it appropriate.

  • 15 Minutes of Fame are UP

    @[email protected]: [img][/img]

  • 15 Minutes of Fame are UP

    @[email protected]:


  • 15 Minutes of Fame are UP

    @[email protected]:
    We’ll announce it in a Press Release real soon!

  • SteveAtlanta


    Ignore Daez posts

    He thought Harvey Milk was a congressmen (idiot) who had a gay agenda, and should not be taught in schools to our youth.

    He think gay historic figures being taught in schools is forcing gay sex down peoples throats.

    He does not believe in gay adoption and thinks it’s the demise of our society.

    He believe Christians have every right to denounce, strip rights and exercise homophobia.

    He has repeatedly said establishments have the right to not offer services to gay people strictly for being gay, and the gay community needs to move on and get over it.

    He wants us to put, up shut up, and stay in the back of the line because this is simply a shark in a gold fish costume pretending to pass as a gay person but is nothing more than a bigoted, backward troll who in subtle manners planst seeds of doubt toward the fight for equality and tries to water every gay issue down. This is his tactic, do not feed his ploy…move on and ignore the trolls after they have been called out (he also uses various handles on here to agree with himself, and pretend there are more folks in line with his militant views. It’s just him. Don’t engage it, don’t dignify it with a response, look out for troll like posts that are not PRO EQUALITY and ignore them)

  • SteveAtlanta

    Daez is posting under various handles bashing any and all gay figures, equality activists, and gay folks in general. IT’S DAEZ. It is not a number of different folks. This is a person who is out to pin us against each other and provoke homophobia on here. Have already informed queerty about this. Please don’t be fooled by the Kathy, 15 minutes are up, Jason in SD…he has trolling down to an art, but other posters sniffed his troll activity out and we’re exposing the troll for what he is now.

  • 15 Minutes of Fame are UP

    Yes, please don’t be fooled by trolls like me. Instead be fooled by trolls like Dan Choi!


  • malcanoid

    I do not like where this thread had gone, in fact it disgusts me.

    Dan Choi, get well soon.

    What you have done requires enormous emotional stamina and effort and I am not surprised that you are exhausted and disorientated by the cut throat political manoeuvrings surrounding what is a essentially a simple issue of human rights. I think your message has had a positive effect on the American public and probably in the wider world. How disingenuous politicians make tactical use of that is entirely another issue. I and many others wish you well.

    There is a surprising and disappointing lack of basic common humanity being displayed by some of the correspondents on this site.

  • Interesting

    Who knew that Joe S from HRC was tougher than Lt. Dan? WHO KNEW? Joe has been at this a lot longer than Dan and he hasn’t had a breakdown.

  • AttentionWhores

    Dan Choi and the other hactivists like GetEqual are all “actors” looking to make money of GLB issues.

    Please ignore them.

  • DR

    I really, really, really wish he had kept this more private. I think this would have had more of an impact had he done his thing, dropped out of sight for a bit, and then came back stronger. Not everything needs to be done publicly.

    Dan’s got my respect, I just don’t think this open letter was the best way to handle this.

  • Daez

    @plantwomyn: Yes, because McCain/Palin or Bush/Chenney would have extended it to all. I think my point stands.

    @15 Minutes of Fame are UP: So true, if only he was somewhat remotely attractive (like Sarah Palin) then maybe women would swoon over him and give him more money.

    @[email protected]: He was off by $5k so sue him. Seriously, I think you need to realize the truth when you see it. The institution in question was already willing to pay for his lodging and travel time, but Dan couldn’t go for under $10k. That was the day it all ended for Mr. Choi.

    @SteveAtlanta: Oh Steve, my favorite stalker. Its so nice to have an overly obsessed fan. I can only figure that most of what I say hits you on some level or else you wouldn’t follow me around like a lost little puppy. Here is a hint, GROWN UPS SIMPLY IGNORE PEOPLE THEY DON’T LIKE!

    I believe that gay adoption is welcoming a child to a life of uncertainty. When your parents can’t even be legally married its not the most healthy family dynamic. For the most part, I’m against single mothers and anyone else that can’t afford to raise a child having one. That makes me a bigot? Maybe, I actually care what is in the best interest of the child instead of the gay parents?

    When the bloody hell did I ever take the side of the Xtians that try to strip away gay rights. What I said is that they will win. They have won in 31 states already. They will continue to win. I called for a change of strategy because trying to take these people head on is a losing battle.

    What I said was, it does no good to FORCE a business to offer service to anyone that it doesn’t want to serve. You think they suddenly want to serve you just because a court says they have to? Do you honestly like being bitched about behind your back instead of someone being honest to your face? You must!

    Listen fan, my “seeds of doubt” are really attempts to get you pissed off and actually do something. If you can’t even stand debating me without calling me everything under the sun, how the bloody hell do you think you are ever going to explain our cause to the other side? Like it or not, we can’t win this fight by going to war, we have to win it through diplomacy (which you lack in droves).

    You love making outlandish claims with absolutely zero proof don’t you. Believe it or not, there are others that disagree with you that post here. Its not just me. Deal with it!

    I think most people realize what I am and call me out on it. You go above and beyond. In the end, I’m a poorly confused gay man that didn’t got the benefit of growing up in small town America and probably has more internalized homophobia than most of you because of it. Sorry, if I actually express that. I’m more than willing to say some of the stuff I say is over the top, but most of it is meant to be controversial and encourage conversation.

  • Ctprep

    The people on this blog behave like little children! Wow!

    You can judge Dan Choi all you want after you’ve served our military, watched your buddies die by your side and ONLY after you’ve put your entire self out there for our cause.

    Until then, sit down and shut it!

  • malcanoid


    Well said CTPREP. Get well Dan. You are well loved and don’t forget it.

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