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Dan Choi Is Back in the Army, And So Far No Other Soldiers Have Quit. How Bizarre!

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Back with his Army National Guard unit, Lt. Dan Choi says his commander called him back not because of any political developments, but because his unit is getting ready to return to war, and they needed every capable soldier.

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  • terrwill

    Q: How do you silence a very effective voice against DADT??

    A: Recall him and send him to a “sensitive area” where he will have no contact with the outside world…………….

  • AlanInSLCUtah

    I like me some Dan Choi. He rocks!

  • spindoc

    No. 1 · terrwill I think you nailed it. But on the bright side, other people kicked for DADT can use him being recalled as a precedent in court hopefully.

  • romeo

    I’m with you, Terrwill. That was my gut reaction when I first heard of this.

  • Jon

    3rd on Terrwill… but his unit still has time he was just called back to drill. (u know that whole 1 weekend a month thing for the national guard)

  • DR

    He’s National Guard. Unless he’s going to be involved in a very sensitive mission, he’ll probably be around.

    Let us not forget… LT CHOI WANTED BACK IN. He was fighting for it. Not like he decided to come out, get kicked out, become a professional speaker and never get back in the military. This is a man who WANTS to be on the front lines again doing his job. Getting back in and serving was his goal.

    Sorry if his life is just a victim of some back-door maneuvering to you.

  • David Ehrenstein

    What he said about congresscritters calling soldiers “quitters” is a gem.

  • Michael @

    How many times does one have to repeat:

    Dan’s NOT “back in” because he NEVER LEFT!

    He’s not been actually discharged because it’s still on appeal.

    Blitzer misstated when he said Dan was previously told to “stay away” from monthly Guard drills just as he already knows the answer to the question he asked: Victor Fehrebach is another out gay person who’s still serving while waiting for the appeal of the recommendation to discharge him. The only reason we see less of him is because he IS “active duty” unlike Dan. Bravo to both of them!!!!

    And if these TV interviews don’t, Dan’s latest speaking schedule, which he sent friends and supporters just yesterday, should prove that they’re NOT trying to silence him in any way.

    Feb 15 Univ.Illinois, Urbana
    Feb 17 Iowa
    Feb 25 University of Iowa
    Mar 9 North St. Paul (MN)
    Mar 20 Salt Lake, UT
    Mar 24 Penn State, PA
    Mar 27 Imperial Court of NY
    Apr 8 Texas A&M
    Apr 10 Fenway Health MA
    Apr 14 Xavier Cincinnati, OH
    Apr 17 South Beach Pride (Miami)
    Apr 28 Cornell
    Jun 19-27 Heritage of Pride NYC

  • Bruce Decker

    Let’s replace ‘Don’t Ask / Don’t Tell’ with “Don’t Hate / Don’t Judge” – – –

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