Dan Choi Wasn’t Told He’s Overqualified For Service

Between William Rodriguez-Kennedy, a former Marine Corps corporal from San Diego (and also the city’s Log Cabin Republicans chapter president), and Dan Choi, the former Army first lieutenant, trying to re-enlist in the military following the Pentagon’s decision to allow The Gays to sign up for service, it’s just one big round of smiles all around for discharged troops looking to re-join.

(Well, sort of: Choi tried enlisting as a Marine but is a few months beyond the age cut off, so he enlisted with the Army, making very clear he was discharged under DADT.)

Speaking to Anderson Cooper last night, Choi says his visit to the Times Square recruitment office included the regular pitch about how awesome military service is.

Now good luck to all the other gay soldiers trying to re-enlist: Recruitment centers in South Florida, at least, have yet to get the memo.