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Dan Choi Wrote Us a Love Story In Arabic, But We Understood Every Word

We spotted Queerty crush and ousted National Guard First Lt. Dan Choi rushing — in full uniform — from the march down Constitution Avenue to the lawn of the Capitol Building. He went unnoticed in the sea of attendees, which struck as us a little bizarre, because isn’t he one of the most public heroes coming out of the last 12 months of gay rights dialogue? Then again, nearby Dan was also a very attractive, and shirtless, twentysomething fella walking in the same direction, so marchers’ attention may have been diverted. But Dan made it to the Capitol. We know this because he took the stage during the rally, wearing duct tape.

If the young gays ever tire of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, then Choi is a perfectly adept fill-in.

Actually, that’s a disservice to him: Choi is a model gay rights hero, particularly for young people. He’s personally experienced what happens when the government endorses discrimination. He’s a formidable orator. He communicates not in grandiose statements of gay theory or civil liberties largess (though he can), but in simple black-and-white matters of right and wrong. And he’s kicking ass and taking names.