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Dan Hampton Will Apologize Over Brokeback Comment to Keep Advertisers From Fleeing Football Show

Pro Football Weekly host Dan Hampton will apologize for his Brokeback Mountain comment about the Dallas Cowboys, which follows Monday’s apology over his Hurricane Katrina comment about the New Orleans Saints. Then God will apologize for letting this guy on television.

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  • damendo

    Dan Hampton is an uber-douche! If he feels the need to pounce on the gay community and Katrina victims, with stupid comments like this, he has no place on television as a “professional” reporter. Go away Dan, cuz trust me, the gay community does watch ALOT of football!

  • biguy

    Bad week for the Danimal, it sounds like he might have an unresolved issue or two bouncing around inside that big meaty head of his.

  • alan brickman

    probably a bottom with issues…

  • 7

    @alan brickman: Oi, don’t pin this on bottoms.

    He’s just a worthless, grown-up jock, probably still thinks he’s in high-school making fun of the queeny kids in the locker room.

  • Desdemona

    i’m sure this idiot just knows of ‘brokeback mountain’ as the ‘gay cowboy movie’

    if he had actually watched it, he would know that the gay cowboys in that movie would kick his pathetic fat ass

  • Kieran

    Damn, a guy ain’t even allowed to make a disparaging remark about queers on TV sports shows anymore. What is this freaking world coming to?

  • Aunt Clara

    @7: If karma were just, he’d be selling shoes to fat women.

  • Queer Supremacist

    Why isn’t this guy selling shoes to fat women?

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