Dan Osborne Gets Naked For “Attitude” Magazine, Likes His “Bum” Pinched

tumblr_n08jwn1EcQ1t1taibo1_1280In news that will probably make Tom Daley very happy, Dan Osborne is appearing almost completely nude in the new “Naked issue” of Attitude magazine.

The hunky reality star of the UK’s The Only Way Is Essex makes his nearly-naked debut in the gay magazine just seven months after it named Daley “The Sexiest Man in the World,” and only a week after he had his junk ogled by the pint-sized diver on Splash. Anglophiles rejoice!

The 24-year-old new dad appears to be having a blast showing off for his adoring gay fans—he told the magazine he has a bit of a man crush on David Beckham and loves being a big gay tease:

I appreciate [attention from gay fans], that’s for sure, but I don’t know why it is. I’ve gotten the odd bit of male attention when I’ve been out and it is a compliment. I’ve had a few bum pinches and I don’t mind that at all. Maybe it’s because a guy knows how hard it is to train so the appreciate it more. Girls might think that guys just easily get muscles.

There you have it, gays! Osborne’s bum is open to pinching when you catch him in public.

Before you scroll down and boldly proclaim “Why should I care about Dan Osborne?”, check out the pics below and thumb through his Instagram. We promise you won’t be disappointed.


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