Dan Osborne Gets Naked For “Attitude” Magazine, Likes His “Bum” Pinched

tumblr_n08jwn1EcQ1t1taibo1_1280In news that will probably make Tom Daley very happy, Dan Osborne is appearing almost completely nude in the new “Naked issue” of Attitude magazine.

The hunky reality star of the UK’s The Only Way Is Essex makes his nearly-naked debut in the gay magazine just seven months after it named Daley “The Sexiest Man in the World,” and only a week after he had his junk ogled by the pint-sized diver on Splash. Anglophiles rejoice!

The 24-year-old new dad appears to be having a blast showing off for his adoring gay fans—he told the magazine he has a bit of a man crush on David Beckham and loves being a big gay tease:

I appreciate [attention from gay fans], that’s for sure, but I don’t know why it is. I’ve gotten the odd bit of male attention when I’ve been out and it is a compliment. I’ve had a few bum pinches and I don’t mind that at all. Maybe it’s because a guy knows how hard it is to train so the appreciate it more. Girls might think that guys just easily get muscles.

There you have it, gays! Osborne’s bum is open to pinching when you catch him in public.

Before you scroll down and boldly proclaim “Why should I care about Dan Osborne?”, check out the pics below and thumb through his Instagram. We promise you won’t be disappointed.


See all the images in the latest Attitude Magazine

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  • B Damion

    Awww he sounds like a great guy.

    Who walks up to any strangers pinching butts? Who does that?

    They would deserve to get cut.

    btw great body. His butt howeverrrr..nah!

  • redcarpet

    Yeah, I thought the same thing about the butt. Kinda flat. I’m gonna chalk it up to a bad photo.

    Seriously though, if this were IRL I wouldn’t be complaining at all. I’d be down on my knees thanking Jesus, among other things.

  • KittyLitter

    Those tattoos are bit too much.

    As if they all practice safe-sex. Who’s that guy tom is dating? You know, the one that was caught fucking bareback after preaching about safe-sex.

  • NateB79

    I usually find that many tats a turn off, but he’s so pretty he gets a pass. He’s beautiful.

  • yaletownman

    What a beautiful body!

  • MrKev

    I personally find it sad that gay magazines (Attitude, Out, Advocate) prefer to dedicate most of their covers to straight men rather than focusing on gay people. I’m so tired of it. Do straight people not get enough attention in mainstream media? I appreciate straight people who are supportive of gays, but seriously, lets try giving coverage to our own celebs instead.

  • tardis

    @MrKev: I don’t care. No point in keeping people separated.

    In any case, DAMN. That is one hot man!

  • MrKev

    @tardis: @tardis:

    Thanks for proving my point. SMDH.

    No wonder gays can’t get ahead – they’d rather worship straight men than support their own. Don’t dare be p#ssed when celebs don’t come out of the closet since most gays don’t bother supporting them when they are out.

  • ppp111


    I see what you’re saying but an attractive man is an attractive man. I’m sure straight guys have no problem having fantasy dreams about some lipstick lesbians so why should gay men be any different? However, I do agree with you that an openly gay man would have been much hotter than some straight guy. Ah we’ll.

  • Callum

    “Anglophiles rejoice!”

    Why bother to be an Anglophile, when I can simply be English? ;)

  • jimbryant

    Yawn, yet more trivial garbage from across the pond.

    When will the Brits stop elevating superficial la de da’s and tattooed gym bunnies from so-called reality shows? Does Britain still contain real people or have they all been reduced to self-proclaimed stars and 5-minute wonders from cooking shows?

    Get real, Britain. Oh, and Attitude magazines is one great big stereotype.

  • tardis

    @MrKev: You can say whatever you want, I don’t care at all.

    There are plenty of fine looking gay men out there, but this one, because this story is about him…I say 10/10.

  • litper

    @MrKev, do you really think this man is 100% straight?

  • OrchidIslander

    @Litper, why couldn’t he be 100% straight? There are people who are, no matter how much some gay men would prefer that hot, 100% straight men not be straight and unavailable.

  • triryche3

    @jimbryant: As opposed to Americans who unleashed the travesties that are the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, those f*cking Duck hillbillys, just to name a few. Me, I’d much rather have Dan!

  • litper

    @OrchidIslander: you have a “straight” fetish

  • alanj

    GT and Attitude are important UK publications. Whilst some content is solely eye-candy much is relevant
    discussing & raising issues, profiling gay artists and talking directly to the community. Of course that does mean that somebody like jimbryant would have to read them, rather than just react to a photo story on this website. The use of celebrities on covers and in supportive interviews ensures that the magazines are widely available over the counter at any WHSmith nationally and internationally. GT celebrates 30 years this year.

  • annalawrence

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  • jimbryant

    Attitude magazine comes across as terribly stereotypical. It stereotypes itself and creates the impression that gay men are mainly interested in bodies.

  • Zodinsbrother

    @jimbryant: No more stereotypical than all the straight magazines full of women with their boobs out. Why should Gay and Bi men pretend to be less interested in bodies than straight men?

    And in the end, the magazines have these covers because they are what make people pick them up and buy them. If they put Stephen Fry on the cover, as amazing as he is, they’d not sell enough to keep going and would close down.

    Sex sells, whether straight or gay, if you have a problem with that then you’re problem is with capitalism.

  • krystalkleer

    all aboard the gravey train…grrrr Dan!

  • jimbryant


    How much does Attitude magazine actually sell? I’d say very little. Magazines are on the way out.

    If you need to put a naked guy on the cover to sell a few thousand copies, it proves how desperate and sad gay publications have become.

  • samwise343

    @jimbryant: Does anyone find you sexually attractive?

  • alanj

    Seeing as your asking: why don’t you look it up and tell us Attitude’s circulation, and include the digital version as well.

    And as has been pointed out not just any ‘naked guy’ on the cover but a TOWIE celebrity with interview, or aren’t gays allowed to be interested in straight celebrities? And he’s not naked on the cover that’d be a sure way of getting the publication banned from WHSmith. Of the past 10 issues it’s running at 50/50 ‘naked men’ covers.

  • hotshot70

    if they are gonna show 99.99% of the body, why not just show it all?

  • tdx3fan

    One must wonder where he would ever find time to love a woman with all the love he clearly dotes on himself! Seriously, guys like this are so “look at me” that they throw their partner out of the way the second they are getting any attention. He does not care that he is getting attention from guys because it still helps to inflate his over sized ego!

  • tdx3fan

    @alanj: Except that they do not discuss what is important to the “gay community” because the “gay community” does not exist. They discuss what is important to a very small subset of the most vocal and loud gays. They prey on stereotypes and only cater to those gays that are more in love with themselves than with anyone else to begin with. I get so tired of having this trash be held up as the “voice of the gay community!”

  • pscheck2

    /well,I know that I am swimming against the current in my assessment of this pretty boy, so be it. First off, everyone seems to suggest he is str8 because he is married (and kids?)but being gay myself, this does not make a guy str8! Go into any gay bar and you would find a good percentage of the denizens: married, divorced, fathers and having had sex with a woman sometime in their lives!However, at some point they opt to follow their true orientation, as this is the one that overrides their ‘flings’ with women. Who is to say he doesn’t ‘experiment’ with another dude?He’s very aware of his attraction to other men (they pinch his ass!) and flaunts this attraction by appearing naked (almost?) in a gay publication. Years ago, I knew a dude who was so HOT, he would cause more than a few of the ‘boys’ have an orgasm when he would enter a bar. His pursuits were ‘making’ s str8 guys and claimed it wasn’t that difficult to achieve! Again, I have to assume he is str8, but my overall take on him that he is flirting to dip his toes in the other ‘camp!’

  • Spike

    Is Jim Bryant a professional gay troll? His comments reflect that of a a very serious troll.er.

  • JennyFromdabloc

    Wow, this guy is pretty much a 10.

    @jimbryant is a sad, self loathing man who likely clings to Libertarian views as a desperate measure to connect to a bigoted, right wing family. At least that is my armchair read. But since he’s one of those str8 gay guys he doesn’t know what READ means.

  • Cagnazzo82

    What’s the point in quoting someone out of context?

    Let’s not emulate Fox News here.

  • nineinchnail

    @hotshot70: You have to keep some things for the imagination. :)

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