Daniel Radcliffe Has A Few Words For All The Michael Sam Haters

empire-daniel-radcliffeMichael Sam will continue to make history this weekend when he takes the field for his first preseason game as the NFL’s very first openly gay player.

Sam made history earlier this year as the first NFL draft hopeful to be drafted into the NFL, albeit being a late draft pick, and stirred controversy when he kissed his boyfriend to celebrate the moment. His presence in the NFL has ruffled the feathers of more than a few conservative media pundits, but it’s also given him innumerable fans and a powerful voice for change — at the time of his draft, his rookie jersey was the second most popular.

One unlikely fan who’ll be rooting for Sam from the sidelines is Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe, who describes the whole situation to Out as “fucking awesome.”

As a noted fan of American football, Radcliffe takes issue with Sam’s late draft and wishes him a “fucking brilliant” year:

I think it’s fucking awesome. It’s fantastic that he’s got a team. It’s horrendous that he slipped to 249 after being the SEC defensive player of the year. People can say whatever they like about his athleticism, or not fitting the bill for certain conditions or whatever, but the fact is no player in the last six years to win that award has been drafted lower than 16th overall, I think. So it’s sad that that was an issue. But I think he’s amazing, frankly.

In interviews, at no point does he allow himself to be portrayed as a victim or someone who deserves extra sympathy. He’s brilliant at shutting that down. I think everybody else just hopes he does fucking brilliantly this year, and that there’s [going to be] a list of quarterbacks who got sacked by a gay defensive end.

Firing back at comment trolls who bemoaned Sam’s televised kiss on ESPN, Radcliffe also commended the way Sam has handled his haters:

My favorite comments online were the ones that said, “I don’t mind him being gay, but I don’t want to see him kiss his boyfriend.” Well, you kinda do mind, then. Also, I presume Michael Sam told the world he was gay so that when he was drafted he could do that without having to fucking think about it or hide it. And I think that’s a fantastic thing. Hopefully Michael Sam’s taking the plunge for everyone who will come after him.

Check out the rest of Radcliffe’s interview over at Out.

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  • Tackle

    How many times does one have to use the word “fucking” to get a point across?
    And that kiss was not just a kiss.It turned into a tacky an over-the-top make out session…

  • NoCagada

    @Tackle: And what the fuck is wrong with you? Did you not get a fucking good fuck? You’re a fucking censoring idiot. Now go fucking fuck yourself since nobody wants to fucking kiss your nasty fucking face.

  • Tackle

    @NoCagada: I bet have I have more people willing to kiss my ass then to kiss your ugly fucking face. Now go fuck yourself because no-one else wants to…

  • IJelly

    1. Brits using “fuckiing” for emphasis all the fucking time.
    2. Football players are shown kissing their significant others all over the place an no one says a fucking word about it when it’s a boy kissing a girl.

  • Lefty

    Fucking love Daniel Radcliffe!

  • unclemike


  • Jeremy


  • mjmarkic

    Way to Go Daniel!!!! Fucking Love Ya!!!

  • Bryguyf69

    Although I’ve never seen a Daniel Radcliffe movie or play, I’ve admired him for a long time. Unlike so many teen actors, his driving motivation was never fame nor money, bu rather the craft of acting itself. He took on increasingly difficult roles, including one in the play Equus, where he appeared nude. And one rarely saw him partying, and never getting into trouble, The fact that he is so vocally supportive of the LGBT community, when there is no apparent need to be, is just fucking amazing.

    PS – and thank you to JK Rowling as well for making Dumbledorf gay, and for speaking out against discrimination. The effect Harry Potter has on young minds is incalculable. The series will no doubt be considered a classic of literature by future generations.

  • Bryguyf69

    @Tackle: Young Brits commonly use “fucking” for emphasis, just as the previous generation used, “bloody.” The fact that it’s apparently the only thing you got from the article shows that it worked.

    As for making out, there were 5 pecks, each lasting about half a second. And two of those pecks occurred later, after the announcement, when cake was served. There was no tongue, extended facial or body caressing, etc. All bodily contact can be described as hugs. Can you honestly say that these actions were out of the ordinary for someone who just achieved his life’s goal? Many pundits have said that straight players in that situation were more affectionate. Would you complain if the couple was heterosexual? If not, you’re a bigot. A fucking bigot.

  • Sebizzar

    This is why Dan is also fucking awesome! :D

  • jasentylar

    Fuck. I love Harry.

  • Dxley

    No one gives fucking fuck what you have fucking to say, you fucking crack-head. Just put on your fucking invisibility cloak and fucking disappear!

  • Little-Kiwi

    @Tackle: prove it. let’s see who you are. (click my name to see me, btw)

    ten bucks says that no only are you ugly as fuck, but that your shitty fucking family can’t stand fucking having you for a fucking son. :)

    hehe. yay F-bombs!

    love ya Daniel! Love ya Michael Sam!

    to the cowardly trolls in here – sack up, for once.

  • stanhope

    @Tackle: @Tackle: to the ugly troll with no man outside the blacked out orgy room at the baths…..BITCH PLEASE!

  • Tackle

    @Bryguyf69: Thanks for the cultural enlightenment with Brits in the use of the word fucking.
    And yes my feelings would be the same be it a heterosexual or lesbian couple continually making out with cake smeared on their faces. I just found it a bit over the top.

    • Bryguyf69

      @Tackle: Care to link to the footage where they were “continually making out with cake smeared on their faces”? Before you attempt the impossible, look up the term, “making out” and it typical usage. Here’s a clue: it’s not synonymous with half second pecks on the lips.

      If you have problems with with ESPN airing a PRIVATE celebration in a PRIVATE home, complain to ESPN or the PCC. Don’t tell me that pecks on the lips are inappropriate — or unusual — at such a momentous occasion. Indeed, you must lead a sheltered lonely life if such affection is shocking to you.

      So fucking sad that you need to rely on hyperbole.

  • Tackle

    @Little-Kiwi: Lol at your post. Well Kiwi, my bitch-stick is in for today so I wont go there. But I will say this. I don’t have to prove anything. Besides my bf thinks I’m just the hottest man. And that’s all that matters. And BTW, I clicked on your name before, and you’re nice to look at. And I love the pic of you and your mom & dad walking in the parade.
    Because my family is the complete opposite of what you described, I can laugh it off.

    @stanhope: And there better not be no man outside a blacked out orgy room at a bathhouse. Tom wouldn’t like it:-)

  • jockboy1986

    @Tackle: I just watched the footage and those quick kisses wouldn’t even be called “making out” in the 1940’s. In fact, they are identical to the ones spouses gave when saying goodbye, i.e. in Leave It to Beaver or The Brady Bunch. Seriously, stop projecting your own fantasies onto the video. Were you masturbating when you watched? Did the cake frosting bring you over the edge?

  • Tackle

    @Bryguyf69: Even if I linked a footage, you are still gonna see what you want to see. But all one has to do is go to Youtube and see that your word of half second “peck” on the lips is not entirely true.
    One can clearly see that in the beginning after the cake was smashed: those were extended lip locks longer than the half second pecks you describe.
    Yes that longer it went, the shorter it got.

    And never said I had a problem with ESPN. And it was NOT private, solely ment for private home usage.The reason why it WAS a little out there with the cake and all the kissing, is because it was being filmed for/as documentary ( from the time Micheal is drafted, all the way to his first game played.)So it wasn’t for as you believe, a “momentous occasion.” But rather for show… Not on Micheal’s part, but by his handlers.

    And you mention complain. Who’s complaining? I’m simply commenting on Queerty
    And by YOU staying on this, and complaining about me writing about a man who could give a fucking flying shit about you, it seems you’re the one who lives the sheltered lonely life.

  • Lvng1tor

    I know he is saying important things and that he is an amazing ally but all I can think of is all the twisted sexual things I wanna do to him……He does something to me…..I can’t help it!

  • DarkZephyr

    @Tackle: I have to admit that I am surprised that you have a problem with two gay men kissing. I guess I wouldn’t have expected that from you. :(

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