Daniel Radcliffe Is Gay, Says Arab News Outlet Listing “Shameful” Famous Gays

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 1.49.38 PMA leading Arabic language news channel based in Dubai has published a list of “shame,” which includes eight Western celebrities who it believes are gay, and therefore “disgraceful.”

But there’s just one problem with the list (aside from the fact that it even exists).

Of all the many out gay celebrities The Middle East Broadcasting Center could have chosen to list, it actually ended up listing one complete heterosexual, and two women who aren’t actually gay but have used themes of lesbianism to advance their careers.

But this is the Middle East! Who cares about facts or ethics in the media?

Here’s the list, as translated by GayStarNews:

Ricky Martin: ‘One of the first who announced their sexuality.’

– Cameron Diaz: ‘Stated that she prefers making love to women even though she was in a relationship with Justin Timberlake. She doesn’t mind making love to a man but prefers having a long term relationship with a woman.’

– Jodie Foster: ‘Got married to her partner, the photographer Alexandra Hedison lately.’

– Daniel Radcliffe: Harry Potter’s actor, announced his sexuality.

– Lindsay Lohan: ‘Has previously announced her homosexuality. She was engaged to Samantha Ronson and they were planning to get married but they broke up before marriage.’

Ellen DeGeneres: ‘The star and famous TV presenter preferred to get married to her partner Portia De Rossi and they have been living together for a couple of years.’

Elton John: ‘The global musician has not just announced his sexuality, but got married and wore a wedding dress from his boyfriend David Furnish and had kids using surrogacy.’

Neil Patrick Harris: ‘His boyfriend and him had twins the same way as Elton.’

Obviously Daniel Radcliffe is not gay and therefore has never “come out,” but he is a staunch supporter of the LGBT community and has even gone to bat for us several times. Most recently, he discussed Michael Sam’s drafting, calling America’s first out gay NFL player “fucking awesome.”

Alas, news outlets in countries whose governments are largely influenced by Islam essentially have free reign to smear LGBTs with propaganda like this in order to distribute misinformation about LGBTs.

In 2022, the Arab nation of Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup despite strong opposition from officials within the FIFA organization. The decision to host the international sporting event in Qatar has become a contentious issue due to the region’s weather, and its horrific treatment of LGBTs.

As was the case with the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, visitors to the region are subject to local laws, including those that forbid homosexuality. For the most part, Russia played nice with tourists and athletes, but the government in Qatar will likely be much less forgiving.

Photo: Instagram