Deadly Batch Of GHB Potentially Infiltrating New York’s Gayborhoods

Denihan.jpgThe death of a wealthy Manhattan hotel heir this week has been loosely connected to a string of deaths potentially caused by a bad batch of the party drug GHB making its way around NYC’s gay neighborhoods.

Though Charlie Denihan (right), 28, did not identify in the media as openly gay, a few concerned tipsters have linked his premature death to two other deaths that happened in the Chelsea neighborhood within the span of four hours. All three seem to be apparent overdoses from GHB.

Denihan was a management trainee at the Denihan Hospitality Group, a development organization that operates hotels in New York, D.C., Miami, and Chicago. According to police, he was found dead in his posh Union Square high rise apartment Sunday night — crystal meth, cocaine, and GHB were found in the home.

The Post reports:

The other two victims were men who’d been partying at a bar and then went back to the West 19th Street home of one of them, where the drug was found, sources said. Their bodies were discovered around 3:30 p.m.

There is no indication that Denihan and the men knew each other. But authorities are having the GHB from both apartments tested to see if it came from the same batch and may have been tainted, sources said.

Though no other related deaths have been reported since, it’s as good a time as any to remind partygoers of the damaging effects of drugs on the gay community.