Demi Lovato Continues Quest To Become Next Great Gay Icon

Demi Lovato performs LA Pride Sh4PSjLgYJflPop star Demi Lovato is jonesing to become the next great gay icon after her recent highly-publicized visits to Pride celebrations in both NYC and LA. This week, the 21-year-old pop star is affirming her commitment to achieving marriage equality in a video for HRC’s “Americans for Marriage Equality” series.

In the clip below, Lovato says “I believe that love comes in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. So whether you’re LGBT or straight, your love is valid, beautiful, and an incredible gift. So let’s protect love and strengthen the institution of marriage by allowing loving, caring, and committed same-sex couples to legally marry.”

In June, Lovato revealed in a speech at the 2014 Logo Trailblazers event that that her grandfather came out as a gay man in the 1960’s. “I feel a lot of my spirit has come from him,” she said:

Several weeks later, she shot her official video for the hit “Really Don’t Care” on Santa Monica Blvd. during LA Pride:

You can check out more videos of celebrities endorsing marriage equality, as well as easy guides to understanding the marriage equality judicial battles happening across the country over at

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  • Desert Boy

    A gay icon in the making. Bye bye Barbra “gay sex makes me sick” Streisand.

  • Tracy Pope

    Russian fans hated on Demi Lovato because she took a stand against state sanctioned homophobia in Russia. It was kind of in-your-face and I say good for her.

    @Desert Boy: Barbra Streisand said this in an interview last year:
    “Let’s just say that. I don’t like to be schmeicheled, you know what that means? How would you describe that, it’s a great Yiddish word. It means smeared. I like the truth.” —

    Her son, Jason Gould, is gay and apparently they have a great relationship. I’d like to know where you read/heard her say “gay sex makes me sick”.

  • Desert Boy

    @Tracy Pope: Yeah Tracy, I’m a Jew so I know what it means. I’m also well aware Jason Gould is gay — so what? Le Streisand’s reaction to the art book Larry Kramer sent her has nothing to do with her son other than to say she’s disgusted by his sexuality.

  • Tracy Pope

    @Desert Boy:
    I did not know about remarks made or that
    Larry Kramer gave her an art book.
    That’s why I asked where did you read
    or hear about that.

  • Jeremy Kinser

    re: Larry Kramer’s remarks about Barbra, are you really just taking him at his word? Do you really believe Barbra, with her many decades of support for the LGBT communities, her financial donations to AIDS/HIV charities, countless gay friends and a beloved gay son, would say that? Larry is a reactionary and, if he did give her a book of queer art, do you really think it was a tasteful one? I call b.s. on Larry’s story. It’s a way to keep his name in the press and take another jab at her for not getting a feature film made of his play. Now that he got an Emmy nomination, perhaps he’ll stop trash-talking Barbra.

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