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Democrats, Get A Grip! One Bad Poll Results Doesn’t Mean The Election Is Over

Even before any punches in tonight’s third, critical debate, have  been thrown, the full Democratic freak-out is getting louder. It began with President Obama’s lousy showing at the first presidential debate in Denver. Liberals immediately leapt to the conclusion that Celine Dion was on the upper deck getting ready to sing “My Heart Goes On.” Andrew Sullivan, who had a hysterical–in every sense of the word–response to the first debate re-enacted the mad scene from King Lear. And while Obama’s performance at the second debate calmed the Chicken Little element of the party, they continue to look skyward with alarm. The latest fear: a Gallup poll that shows Mitt Romney ahead of Obama by seven points. 

Great news for Romney, except for one thing: no other poll has results anywhere like it. Romney got a bounce from the first debate, without question. All the polls show the race tightening. But that was to be expected, given the state of the economy. Obama was defying gravity, and Romney’s stretch of unremitting bad news had to end eventually.

But don’t let Gallup fool you. Romney still has a large rock to roll uphill to win. Obama is still performing well in the swing states he needs to win the electoral vote. To win the election, Romney has to win the majority of the states in play, and perhaps a few that don’t look to be right now. It’s not like he can’t do it, of course, but Ann shouldn’t be measuring the White House for drapes just yet.

Politics ain’t beanball. So for all those weak sisters out there, some words of advice. Look at the general direction of all the polls, not one. Obama’s bounce from the second presidential debate is still to come. And don’t forget the fundamentals. The Democrats have a lot of money and better field operations than the Republicans. In short, there’s a long way to go to Election Day.

In the meantime, get a grip.

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  • Cam

    Rassmusen consistently breaks republican. In the last election they were 9 points off the actual numbers on average always to the GOP.

    The tactic now, because people are aware of Rassmusen’s leaning is to have brand new polling companies spring up and release polls in some swing states never to be heard from again.

    Gravis Marketing released polls that had Romney up 8 points OVER RASSMUSEN! The same with “Purple Strategies”. Those two companies were figured out fast when their founders turned out to be former GOP staffers. Now if you look at Ohio, even Rassmusen has Obama up by one but two new unknown polls are being reported on by FOX with Romney up.

    The news should really look at a polls history of accuracy before writing hysterical articles about what they show.

  • shle896

    And lest we forget that four years ago when President Obama won handily, the polls showed him in a dead-heat with McCain. These polls are ridiculous anyway. It’s time for the media to stop polling people every time one of the candidates has a bowel movement.

  • Jack E. Jett

    My fear is that we are going to loose this election. Obama has not recovered since he fucked up that first debate. That was his fault and his fault only. If he looses to Romney, he only has himself to blame.
    The thought of a Mormon in control is frightening beyond belief.

  • Aidan8

    @Jack E. Jett: I would just add that if Obama loses, he has himself to blame…. along with redistricting…. and voter suppression…. and media allowing Romney to lie and provide zero policy details…. and Citizens United…. and Democrats typically being their own worst enemies. Oh yeah, and that first debate.

  • petensfo

    I’ll admit, I’m trying to remain calm… but I do think, as SNL pointed out in Weekend Update, the Gallup Polls are conducted w/ folks who have a landline (not me) and who pick up the phone even on an unrestricted caller (never)… ie: old folks, with nothin’ better to do than chat w/ telephone interviewers.

    I agree w/ Aiden. And you know in 6 months, this election will be retold in a Frontline episode on the stealing of democracy.

  • Mobsterboss_Radio

    This election is not anywhere as close as the media would like for people to think. Remember, the last Pres. election was, according to polls, a “dead heat”. Obama is an immensely popular guy, regardless what the Media would say. He wins this election, hands down. Too many media jobs are dependent on the people being gullible in believing what they report. The drama buildup is like the finale of a popular television series….. This is like “sweeps” for Wolf Blitzer, Sean Hannity, and all the other political news pendants that make their living reporting garbage for the mindless sponges to soak up, and get caught up in.

    Just go out and vote on election day, and that night after they announce that Romney has issued his concession speech, go to sleep and wake up the next morning trying to figure out what your next “worry project” is.

  • kodienyc

    How despicable and irresponsible of Queerty and John Gallagher to try to push and manipulate queer persons into thinking that Obama and the Democrats are our friends and that all LGBT persons should be or are supporters of the death trap that Democratic-Republican politics is for all of us. The very essence of being right-wing and anti-gay is now the legitimization of liberal-conservative, Democratic-Republican politics, the moronic choosing between black and white, and the doomed, false logic and mindtrap of lesser-of-two evil politics, which has been a disaster for LGBT persons, dragging us through public denigration and humiliation as we watch our lives get compromised yet again, as we watch our issues and questions become only those false and manufactured questions and issues that the Democratic-Republican mainstream media and the traitorous LGBT “leadership” and media that are kissing their asses tell us are our questions and issues. Stop trafficking with these vermin and get some backbone and self respect my brothers and sisters.

  • Jack E. Jett

    @Aidan8: Aidan8…….your additions are spot on. Here is Texas, redistricting has changed the entire layout of the Dem/Rep map. And it boggles my mind as to what the press allows Mittens to get away with.

  • jkb

    @kodienyc: Besides supporting gay marriage, not supporting DOMA, repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, what else should the Democrats offer? Free blow jobs?

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