Denver Rolls Out The Rainbow Carpet For The Cinema Q Film Festival

The Mile High City’s queer community is heading to the movies for the fourth annual Cinema Q Film Festival, screening at the Denver Film Center from July 19 to 22.

The small but prolific fest is presenting several thought-provoking documentaries, audience favorites from around the country, and classic fare like Go Fish. Also on the docket: A special screening of Jobriath A.D., about the glam-rock era’s forgotten star, preceded by the Fabulous Drag Brunch on July 22.

Inspired by the work of pioneering surgeon Dr. Christine McGinn, Trans (trailer above) profiles several transgender people, including one who knew she was in the wrong body at age 4.  It’s an interesting exploration, and one that addresses why there’s a “T” in LGBT. Directed by Chris Arnold, Trans screens on July 21.

Also screening July 21, Question One examines what happened when Maine went from the first U.S. state to grant marriage equality via the state Legislature to the 31st state to make same-sex marriage illegal, all within the span of seven months in 2009. Award-winning journalists Joe Fox and James Nubile go behind the scenes on both sides of the “Vote 1” campaign.

Promising an evening unlike any other, Cinema Q invites moviegoers to Spend the Night With Christeene on July 20. A 70-minute collage of videos from punk-rock drag queen Christeene (left), the film is billed as a “sexually infused sewer of live rap and vile shamelessness.” For those who haven’t seen her, Christeene is a Frankenstein’s Monster amalgam of Britney, Lady Gaga and Sharon Needles—on bath salts.

Other Cinema Q highlights include the golden-years lesbian road trip Cloudburst; the explicit gay love story  I Want Your Love; the AIDS doc United in Anger: A History of ACT UP; festival favorite Keep the Lights On; and Jonathan Lisecki’s procreation comedy, Gayby, which opens the festival on July 19.

For more info visit Cinema Q Film Festival.  Photos: RoseWorks/Sex Smart Films; Patrick Bresnan